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Companies Fail at AI?

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking over the buzz, many people are concerned about losing their jobs or small businesses.
They are right, AI will do most of the tasks a small business does, but much better, faster and cheaper.

If you want to save your business in this uncertain time, here is what you can do:

The 1st thing to understand is that it is not AI that will replace your business but the people that will start to use AI. They will be 80 times faster, better and more efficient. A business that doesn't use AI will vanish soon!

Make sure you belong to the ones that take over the market instead of the ones that disappear!

If you have not done so yet, I advise you to begin to get familiar with famous AI tools that can make small businesses make a lot of additional money, save a lot of cost and increase productivity. Undeniably ChatGPT is the most famous now. Are you using it already?

It's simple to use, you create an account, and when you want to create a social media post, you just type what you want to say on a certain topic, and voila it generates a text for you. You finetune your prompt (the order you give to the AI tool) then generate again until you get the posts the way you would write them yourself. You can easily find some YouTube videos on how to use ChatGPT in order to get exactly what you want.

Small business can use chat GPT for:

  • Researching and ask it to provide the reference
  • Content Generation
  • Brainstorm ideas for social media posts, blog articles, or marketing campaigns. Manually input prompts related to your content needs and receive creative suggestions from ChatGPT that you can further refine.
  • Email Responses:
    Draft responses to common customer inquiries or follow-up emails using ChatGPT. Input the context and details of the situation, and let ChatGPT assist you in composing professional and effective email messages.
  • Market Research:
    Input questions related to market research into ChatGPT and use the generated responses to gather insights. This could include feedback on new product ideas, opinions on industry trends, or customer preferences.
  • And much more

This is the URL for ChatGPT:

Another AI tool for business to start with is DALL-E-2

You can effortlessly create images based on your request for your social media posts, website flyers and ads that will help you market your business for free. Play with it and you will be surprised how you can create images that will be useful for your business. It's a great way to save time and a lot of money by not not needing the services of a graphic designer.
To create images use:

My favorite tool for AI

Personally, I use a software that has all the automation tools with built-in AI functions specifically designed for small businesses. It costs a fraction of the price of any other tool out there and has the advantage of having all inside one software. Its AI functions write your blog posts and automatically publish them. It also collects leads everywhere where you are present online like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google business profile, website etc... It follows up the leads till they buy or set an appointment in your calendar. Once they become customers, it automatically asks for referrals. This way you triple your number of customers without spending a penny on advertising. It will also ask for those important reviews fully independently. I strongly recommend it. It helps me make more money online, get more time for myself and family, plus cut overhead costs.
If you want to learn more about this tool suite you can click on the link below:

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