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Patrik Muehlematter

Hi, I am Patrik Muehlematter,
The owner of FairTech digital marketing agency.
For 21 years, we have provided consulting, training and services.

All what we do is based on:

FairTech’s PermaCustomer Formula

My 12 pillar customer acquisition process to dominate your industry
and create a constant flow of new customers chasing you instead of you searching for them

This process works even if you Hate Doing Marketing
And Never Want To Deal With The Technical Problems That Emerge

Let me share how this strategy became what it is now.

I used to be a perfectionist. When I started in business 30 years ago,
I was offering the perfect service and perfect products, all my clients were confirming that.

But, I was unable to find enough clients. I was thinking that my services were the problem.
I started to work harder and harder to improve the services even more, to the point where I burned out.

In this process I lost everything, and the company went bankrupt.
Even my wife could not take it anymore, all this hard work and saving on the costs, she left me.

This is when I said: NEVER ...ever... again...,

I dedicated 2 years of my life searching for a bullet proof strategy that will attract my ideal clients to me,
instead of me searching for them. And this fully automatically whilst I am doing what I love to do and do best.

In 1999 I started an online portal for the scuba diving industry.
Using this strategy, very fast it became the most popular website in the industry with nearly 1 million visitors per year.

Business owners from various industries approach me, telling me that whatever they search for online they find my website.
They started to ask me to do the same for their business.

The strategy was working wonders for them too.

It gave me the opportunity to test on my own projects but also on hundreds of client projects,
from different countries and industries.

The formula was getting more and more efficient.

My career has changed. I was now full time helping entrepreneurs to double triple their income.

In 2016 after I graduated from Tony Robbins Business Mastery I adjusted it to be fully in phase with it.
The 7 forces of business mastery gave me the idea how to constantly make sure the growth continues
and the strategy gets adapted to the new technologies and clients needs.

Jay Abraham's lessons made me find shortcuts and create strategies open to everyone
that was only accessible for clients with budgets above 7 figures.

Russel Branson’s training from Click funnel have drastically improved the sales
and marketing automation part of the process.

During this time I have spent more than 2 million Euro
in training and practicing combined.

If you follow it’s principle, it can make you dominate your market and provide you with a constantly growing cash-flow.

So let’s look at this Online Mastery formula now.

I will show you now:
How to create a constantly growing flow of new customers for your business

  1. What action will make the difference
  2. The concept of the Online Mastery Formula
  3. The secret of the Perpetual growth circle
  4. The 12 pillars of success
  5. How can you do it progressively at your own pace and budget
  • 1. What action will make the difference?
    Working on hundreds of projects in the last 2 decades the biggest learning was that there is no magic bullet, social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, funnels etc.. will not make a big difference.
    What will make you dominate your market is the combination of very specific actions. This combination is what will constantly grow your client base and give you the confidence of regularly growing cash flow
    Those 12 actions that we call pillars in the formula have been consciously chosen

    FairTech Client Pipeline Process

    The above image is FairTech's Client Acquisition formula
  • 2. The concept of the Online Mastery Formula
    The secret of the success of this formula is the choice of actions that will multiply themselves.
    Let me explain with an example: If you double the amount of visitors on your website (action/pillar 2),
    it will double the amount of clients you get from it… logic

    But if you double your conversion rate, the same amount of visitors will also bring you double the number of clients. So if you combine these 2 actions, now when you double the amount of visitors you get quadruple the number of clients!

    Same if you increase your online reputation,
    this will also multiply your return on investment on all the other pillars.

    Pillar no 8. is another one that multiplies the outcome of the others actions.
    Marketing / sales automation for automated revenue
    Using sales funnels
    This is a series of web pages that sell your product
    or services the way you usually do it face to face with new prospects.
    This will clone you and become your 24/7 sales rep working for you without getting tired or sick.
    For complicated products or services, this will generate leads in the form of an appointment in your calendar instead of a direct sale, but the principle is the same. It’s a lead or a sale on a silver platter.
  • 3. The secret of the Perpetual growth circle
    Now the point I mentioned that made the whole difference for the constant growth Is The Perpetual Growth circle.

    In the process every 6 months we make the point of the situation (Pillar 10)
    With the data collected we can now brainstorm and finetune your strategy.

    Pilar #12 Your Ultimate Money Machine
    Evaluate the value of the work done, take out some benefits to increase your monthly revenue.

    Reinvest a part into your money machine…
    and we go again on each pillar with a bigger budget. Situation has evolved,
    we do again just the little change that gives the biggest differences with a minimum effort.

    This is a 6 month cycle.
    Your never ending constantly growing client acquisition process gives you the confidence you need to do business the way you want… as easy as that!
Are you getting the idea?

This is the magic of combining the right actions that will compile the outcome
Combining all the 12 pillars for your business will exponentially multiply your revenue

And the good news is:

You don’t need to invest in the best website, have millions of followers on social media,
or have the best sales funnels.

You just do the minimum necessary for each pillar, the 20% that will give the 80% of the outcome.
What fits your time and financial budgets.

Don’t worry, there is no rocket science here.
Or does it sound overwhelming?

I get it, in a short presentation I go probably a bit too fast, the goal here is to show you the overview of this unique process.

In a consulting session, I am with you in the entire process
so don’t worry I will walk you through the process till you achieve your goal.

The Good news Is
You Can do it progressively at your own pace and budget,

What can be achieved corresponding to your manpower and budget availability,
what can easily be achieved in the next 6 months.

The more you progress the more you dominate your market.
Once you run it for a few cycles, you never have to worry about
where the next client will come from and if you will have enough cash.

I will help you put this easy framework in place that makes your client base grow indefinitely.
You decide at what speed.

Let’s see how this Client Acquisition process
impacted other entrepreneurs.

Testimonials, click on the play icon below and start watching!

This strategy worked for Kathrin, Frederic, Alex and many more.
I want to make it work for you too.
  • It’s not about working more…
    It’s all about working smarter by combining actions that multiply the outcome of each other.
  • Let’s have a quick call so we can look together where you are at right now, and based on your
    available time and budget I will help you find out which option will bring you
    a maximum of new customers with a minimum of effort.

I want you to succeed. I want to help you implement the PermaCustomer process
so you can fulfill your mission and get the success you aim for and deserve.

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My mission is to help entrepreneurs
never search again for customers and live free!

Now it’s time to take your destiny into your hands and make a change.

The good news is, you don’t need to do it alone, let me be your guide. I did it for hundreds of projects,
I know what works and what doesn’t!

I don’t let you down here, we are an academy and a service agency, we have been in business for more than 2 decades now. We are not going anywhere, you can always revert back to us to make sure you get the outcome you are looking for. 

Now that we have this free discovery call offer running,
you can imagine the calendar of my team
and mine will fill up very fast!

I want you to be able to take advantage of this offer.
I don’t know how long we will keep it available.

I want you to be able to take advantage of the PermaCustomer Process
and its support from the community, my team, and I.

It changed my life
and the life of so many other entrepreneurs since.

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Do you feel you don’t have time to set up your customer acquisition process in place?
  1. Perfect you fit right in the program, all our customers and community members are busy business people and don’t have time.
  2. There is no better time investment you can do in yourself and your business.
    "No Customers = No Business"

It can be your biggest life-changing decision.

Take a minute to think, about how your life would be improved once you are confident
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Having a process in place that constantly brings you more clients is the most powerful thing you will have ever done
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and realize the dream you originally had when you started your business.

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