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As a GoHighLevel partner, I have negotiated an extended SaaS mode free trial so you have more time to explore this amazing marketing automation tool. You get the exact same software directly from GoHighLevel just with an extended free trial and all our bonuses to help you get set up faster. Click the blue button below to get your GoHighLevel SaaS 30 day trial:

GoHighLevel SaaS 30 Day Trial

Your GoHighLevel 30 day SaaS mode free trial

In my point of view, SaaS (Software As A Service) is the best business model available. It lets you cash in on work done by the software, not trade hours against money like most agencies or people do. In the past this was only possible for big organisations like Microsoft or Google Oracle to name a few.

Now with the white label option of GoHighLevel SaaS mode you can just add your logo on the software and voila you have your very own software! You can offer this to customers and get paid monthly for it. It is perfect for agencies that want to scale their business fast with additional revenue without increasing their team and for startups.

With the 30 day free trial you can even enter the SaaS business at zero cost. The official trial period of GoHighLevel is 14 days. As an official GoHighLevel partner, we have negotiated a 30 day extended trial. This will give you plenty of time to get setup and onboard your 1st paying customers. This way you don't even have to pay from your pocket for the software.

Using our affiliate link below will even give you access to our free tutorial, community and VIP coaching for life.

Here's how it works:

GoHighLevel's platform lets you package and customise the services that your targeted audience needs. You get the flexibility to decide what to offer and how much to charge. Your clients also can choose which services they want from your website. This model breaks free from the restrictions of traditional software services.

Stick till the end to learn how you can start your own SaaS company with GoHighLevel!

What is SaaS?

Let's first get a grasp on "Software as a Service" or SaaS before talking about you can make a stated flow of more passive income using GoHighLevel's White Label SaaS mode.

SaaS gives businesses the flexibility to tailor their offers so each of their clients can tailor their subscription to their unique needs.With GoHighLevel, your customers will save as they will pay only for what they want and need. And you get paid month after month for the work done by the software.

I find that this is amazing, don’t you?

I feel so jealous that when I started, we had to use crappy software solutions left and right; invest huge amounts in software development, connect them all together and maintain all that at our own cost. If I would have had a solution like this when I started I would have less grey hair now :-)

The SaaS model including the AI integrated inside GoHighLevel in my point of view is a chance of a lifetime. An opportunity that you just encounter only once or twice in a lifetime! It’s like if you could go back in time and buy Apple or Microsoft shares when they just started.

With SaaS, the software lives remotely on the cloud and can be reached 24/7 from everywhere. The user does not have to install anything on their machine. Just access the software over the internet via a web browser or dedicated app. It’s as simple as that!

White Label SaaS takes it one step further. White Label SaaS allows businesses to take a ready-to-use software solution, rebrand it with their logo and domain, and sell it as their own product.No more installation headaches, ensuring your hardware can run it, or manually updating for new versions. Just pay a subscription fee (monthly or yearly typically) and use the software whenever, wherever an internet connection is available.

Popular SaaS offerings you may recognize besides GoHighLevel? Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Trello, Zoho CRM, Shopify, and Canva among many others. Companies are going SaaS in droves for the flexibility, scalability, and cost savings compared to traditional installed software models.

SaaS 30 Day Trial from HighLevel: What is GoHighLevel SaaS Mode?

GoHighLevel's SaaS Mode empowers you to rebrand and resell its comprehensive suite of marketing and business automation tools. You can sell each service individually or bundle them together, whichever way your clients want. This way you can create a lucrative revenue stream for your business. It is a no-code SaaS solution.

This makes for a revolutionary development for businesses and service providers seeking to increase their clientele and establish a scalable, long-term business strategy.

Highlevel SaaS 30 Day Trial

Here’s the real deal, you can start with this SaaS mode for no cost at all with this exclusive GoHighLevel SaaS 30 day trial.

Just click on the link below to sign up and fill in your information.


Suite of Rebranded Tools at Your Fingertips with GoHighLevel SaaS

With GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, you gain access to an array of cutting-edge tools that you can rebrand and offer to your clients, including:

  • GoHighLevel Funnels:
    With this feature, your clients will be able to create high-converting sales funnels, landing pages, and opt-in forms to capture leads and drive conversions.
  • Two-way Text Messaging:
    Enables your client to prospect customers through seamless SMS messaging, enabling real-time communication and personalized interactions between them.
  • Conversational AI:
    • AI-Powered Chatbots:
      This enables your clients to give their customers AI chatbot functionality on their websites so they can provide round-the-clock support and improve their customer experience. The same AI can generate leads, sales, set appointments, reply questions on social media, emails, SMS, whatsapp etc.
    • AI for copywriting
      Let the AI write and schedule your social media posts, promotion emails, attractive ads, create the images, newsletter, Tweets and much more.
  • Centralized Inbox for all channels
    Furnished to login in all platforms and visit them all to find all messages, comments and reviews to reply. See and reply all your messages like:
    - Emails
    - SMS
    - Whatsapp
    - Social media comments
    - Facebook messenger
    - Get alert from online reviews and reply from the same place
    - Google Business Profile Messages

Reputation Management:

Monitor and manage your online reputation by tracking reviews, ratings, and feedback across various platforms.

Missed-Call Text-Back:

Automatically send text messages to missed calls, improving lead capture and customer responsiveness.

Auto sub-account and user permission generation:

Effortlessly create and manage sub-accounts and user permissions for your clients.

Dunning (non-payment lockout):

Automatically lock clients out of their accounts if they fail to make payments, ensuring you get paid for your services.

Twilio re-billing:

Seamlessly manage and bill Twilio credits used by your clients for SMS and messaging services.

SaaS dashboard:

Access a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your SaaS business, track revenue, and manage client accounts.

And much more !!!

GoHighLevel SaaS has several hundred functions!

Their development team releases about 5 new ones every week! I did not mention the fact that you can send invoices and get paid connecting Stripe PayPal and other payment platforms.

Using GoHighLevel you can create a community, host and get paid for courses.

You can offer commissions to people referring your business using the affiliate portal function.

Enjoy priority support: As a SaaS Mode user, you'll receive priority support from GoHighLevel's dedicated team, ensuring any questions or issues are addressed promptly.

Read in detail on how to get GoHighLevel support.

With GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, you have the opportunity to bundle these powerful features and services under your own brand and price them according to your business strategy. With this feature, you can create customized packages to directly target your audience so that your offering resonates more with your clients.

How to Configure SaaS Mode in HighLevel

HighLevel’s configurator offers a range of customization features that go beyond setting up basic pricing structures. You can enhance your service offerings by providing promotional credits for services, including a pre-built snapshot in your plans.

You can implement a two-step order or signup form directly on your pricing page and even set up a notification workflow that alerts you immediately when there are new signups. The SaaS Configurator can be accessed through the agency dashboard.

Here is how can you configure Saas Mode

  1. The first step is to connect your Stripe account with HighLevel. Once that's done, you can easily create your pricing plans using the drag-and-drop interface. You'll be able to offer these plans to your clients.
    In your Agency Level Account, navigate to Settings, then select Stripe Integration. From there, click on the "Connect To Your Stripe Account" button and then choose "Connect" to finalize the integration.
  2. Now, HighLevel comes with three premade pricing plans: Standard, Professional, and Premium. But don't worry; you can rename and reorganise these plans however you like, so they better fit your branding and customer needs.
  3. Under the Plan Configurator in your Agency account, you can create your plans, establish pricing, select trial options, allocate Twilio credits, attach snapshots, and set profits for Twilio rebilling. To view and copy the Stripe plan ID for each pricing tier, simply click on "Show Stripe Product Details" located beneath each plan's price.
    The best part is, that you're not limited to just those three plans. You can offer as many plans as you want, and even provide your services for free if you'd like. You can also set up a free trial option for your clients. Plus, you can upsell or down-sell your plans as needed.
  4. When it comes to billing, you can choose to rebill your clients monthly or yearly. Here's an important thing to keep in mind: once someone subscribes to a plan, you can't change the price for them. However, if you need to, you can lower the price below the usual minimum by tweaking some settings in Stripe and Products.
    So, in a nutshell, connect your Stripe account, create your plans, and set your billing preferences, and you're good to go with the SaaS mode in HighLevel!

My advice is to make an entry-level offer that is relatively reasonable, with only one to three features; people will feel confident to start, and it will get you in. They will love it and want more and more. It's always better to have all the software from the same source as they will already be connected. You will promote the service and the clients will buy them as they go and increase their packages regularly with the pleasant expereince to increase your revenue. It's’ a win win deal.

8 Reasons Why the GoHighLevel SaaS 30 Day Trial is Worth a Try

Starting a new business with a totally different model or industry is a significant decision to make. That's exactly why we have partnered with GoHighLevel to bring you a generous 30-day free trial of their highest tier - the GoHighLevel SaaS Plan - so you can explore all its functionalities without any financial commitments.

This plan, otherwise valued at $497, equips you with all the tools to establish your own SaaS company without a major investment in terms of time and financial resources (which is a mandatory requirement for developing new software solutions).

This GoHighLevel SaaS 30 day trial will empowers you to become a SaaS provider effortlessly. During this 30-day trial period, you will have the flexibility to the following:

  1. Using our affiliate links you get access to the 30 day Saas trial with bonuses worth more than $10k. You'll get exclusive access to our “Unchain your life” platform with tutorials taking you by the hand, to help you create your offer, find your first clients, scale to reach 10k/ month and beyond.
  2. Patrik Muehlematter VIP coaching for life**, Access to an active community of self minded entrepreneurs for a lifetime**, 3 personalized 1:1 free coaching sessions to kickstart your journey and much more.
    Take full advantage of this opportunity by clicking on the link below!
  3. Rebrand the platform by customizing the GoHighLevel interface with your own branding, logos, and color schemes so you can establish a strong brand identity and build trust and credibility among your clients.
  4. Set up your pricing and packages, choose the services you want to offer, bundle them into packages, and set your own pricing structure.
  5. Sell the platform as many times as you like with the GoHighLevel SaaS 30 day trial no cap selling.
  6. Onboard clients and generate as much as 10x the revenue compared to what you pay for these services.
  7. Use all the advanced GoHighLevel SaaS features.
  8. GoHighLevel takes care of all the maintenance and upgradation of the software so you never have to get your feet in the mud.
  9. With consistent new features rollout, the opportunities to earn keep increasing.

GoHighLevel also has a SaaS Education centre where you can find the resources on how to get started.

Saas 30 Day Trial

The 30-day SaaS Mode trial at GoHighLevel enables you to discover the advantages of offering an extensive tool set of GoHighLevel as a service, all with no initial financial investment. This risk-free trial period allows you to validate your business model, test the market, and position your agency or business for scalable growth and recurring revenue opportunities.

Rather than committing blindly, we would suggest trying it out to see if it works for you.

Final Thoughts on HighLevel SaaS 30 Day Trial

With GoHighLevel's SaaS mode and its user-friendly functionality, launching a successful SaaS business has never been easier The GoHighLevel platform is designed with intuitive navigation and comprehensive documentation and has made setting up your plans, pricing, and branding a breeze.

GoHighLevel offers flexible rebilling options and the ability to customize trial periods, allowing you to adapt your offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of your clients. This level of customization ensures that you can provide a tailored experience that aligns with your business strategy and enhances client satisfaction.

But don't just take our word for it. Experience the power of this no-code SaaS solution for yourself by signing up for the exclusive 30-day trial today.


GoHighLevel SaaS 30 day trial*

* We get a commission when you subscribe through our affiliate links, which allows us to finance all the free support we provide to help you succeed with GoHighLevel.

** Available as long this program exists (and we do not plan to stop it anytime soon).


How much is HighLevel SaaS mode after the trial?

GoHighLevel SaaS mode costs $497 per month.

Where Can I Access GoHighLevel's SaaS Mode free trial?

You can access the GoHighLevel SaaS mode trial following this link.

If you are already a GoHighLeval user you can upgrade to Saas pro and benefit from FairTech’s and Patrik's bonus using this link:

What is a GoHighLevel SaaS configurator?

The Highlevel Pro plan includes the GoHighLevel SaaS configurator, an advanced tool built into the software. This configurator empowers users to establish multiple pricing plans and determine the specific Highlevel features that each plan will include.

This functionality provides significant flexibility and customization options, enabling you to tailor your services to the specific needs of your business and clients.

Can I Sell GoHighLevel SaaS in My Local Currency?

Yes, you can sell GoHighLevel SaaS in your local currency. Simply create your SaaS price plans in USD within the platform, then navigate to your Stripe account to adjust the pricing to your desired currency.

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