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Technical support is offered by the GoHighlevel Tech Team, who, as the software manufacturer, are the best resource to assist you in various tasks. Whether it's setting up new functions, adding a calendar for a new employee, or addressing any debugging issues you encounter, they are the experts you should reach out to.

Who to ask what?:

Technical support is offered by the GoHighlevel Tech Team, who, as the software manufacturer, are the best resource to assist you in various tasks. Whether it's setting up new functions, adding a calendar for a new employee, or addressing any debugging issues you encounter, they are the experts you should reach out to.

When it comes to strategies, I, along with the FairTech team, will provide guidance. During our weekly VIP coaching sessions, we will instruct you on how to effectively utilize the software's functions. Moreover, we will furnish you with readily applicable strategies and templates. This is also the platform where you can inquire about your projects and your clients' projects, enabling you to maximize your earnings, save time through automations, and enjoy a more liberated lifestyle.

Free Trial Link*

Using our affiliate link below you will benefit from:

  • Extended free trial of 1 month
  • I will coach you personally FOR FREE to make minimum 10k/month
  • Free AI Automation Snapshot Add-on
  • Free Automated Referral Requests
  • Free Automated Reputation Management
  • Free Setup Call
  • 3 Free 1:1 Strategy Sessions With Me
  • Free Weekly VIP coaching


GoHighLevel KickOff Team

If you are still on a free trial or still on the fence. Or, if you are not yet at the point where your Highlevel app is working for you automatically collecting leads from your website via a contact form, following your leads via email and text, texting back your missed calls. Collecting money for you via credit cards. Sending review and referral requests automatically. That prospects and clients can set appointments in your online calendar. That all your social media, Google Business profile, email, text etc inboxes are grouped into one inbox in your mobile phone using the GoHighLevel app, continue to get help from the KickOff team. They are here to help you get started on the right foot in your journey to make more money online:

Quick Wins Video Tutorials

Here you can find a series of short video tutorials for the things that can be deployed fast and usually bring quick wins for you in the domain of increasing your sales and reducing your load and overhead costs.

24/7 1:1 Tech Support Session Via Zoom

I know no other software company that offers as fast and as accurate support. Following the link below you can enter a waiting room and get in contact with a support team member on a Zoom call with screen sharing. They will help you in real time setting up or debugging whatever you are trying to do in your GoHighLevel software.
Usual waiting time in the waiting room is up to 10 minutes, if you encounter a longer waiting time this is due to their well deserved success, just try another time in the day. They are constantly increasing their team.

General User Manual

This is the place where you have access to all documentation, videos and tutorials from onboarding till the most advanced functions

Weekly VIP Coaching

During the weekly VIP coaching sessions my team and I will not only coach you about GoHighLevel. But about your entire digital journey, how to make more sales, in less time, while reducing expenses and living free!

Weekly for 90 min in a Zoom call for:

  • 20-30 min Live tricks and tips to get you there faster and stay updated in this fast changing digital world
  • Q&A session where you can ask for specific guidance for your own project or client projects
  • Hot Seat session where we will audit in depth your or others projects to find out what improvement or best next step will give you the fastest and biggest increase in revenue
  • All coaching sessions are recorded, if you can’t make it to the Live session, you will be able to find the recorded version on the platform.

Its Value Is Priceless!
Available as long this program exists (we don’t plan to stop it soon)

Every week just use the link below to enter the Live VIP Coaching session
Or watch the replays of the previous weeks

The PermaCustomer Community

If you did not join yet, do it now as long your free ticket for life membership is still valid. Start networking, help the ones that are going through the path you successfully passed already and get help from the ones ahead of you. Share success stories, find partners.When logged in Facebook go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/permacustomercommunity

Strategy session 1:1 with me or one of my GoHighLevel coaches

You got a free 1:1 strategy session where we will look together at the stage you are at right now and select what your best next steps are that will bring you the maximum of additional income the fastest possible and make you save a maximum of time and costs.
This strategy session has been life changing for many. If you have not set it yet, do it right away. It has a value of $350, make sure to get it as long your free access is valid.

You can buy additional strategy sessions here any time, this is the way successful entrepreneurs buy time. Benefiting from our 21 years in digital marketing and managing thousands of projects, we know what works and what does not. Our mentoring will save you the training and testing time and lead you straight to what works.

Do it for you solutions

If you want to go even faster and would like to pay a pro to do it for you instead of having your team or yourself doing it. We can have you setup in no time, you can hire services from FairTech agency here: https://fairtechltd.com/contact-us.html

HighLevel events

The better you know your tool the better you can use it to increase your revenue, save time and money. HighLevel is a company that is really dedicated to your success. They regularly provide events, updates, new features, challenges and much more. Personally, I attend all the events I can. I also buy all the upgrades and addons they offer. I literally throw money at them because they deserve it and I always get it back several times. Check your email for event announcements. You can also go in the event calendar to see what is coming up here.

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Follow us on your favorite media, we regularly post new tips and tricks for online entrepreneurs.


GoHighLevel Affiliate Community

GoHighlevel gives you 40% commission for each client your refer, recurring, as long as the client continues using the software. It’s a great way to make some passive recurring income!

I will coach you personally FOR FREE

You don't need to do it alone!
Get our training to make minimum $10k/month
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+ I will coach you personally FOR FREE
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Suggestion box

GoHighLevel stands out with its unique style; there's simply no other marketing automation software on the market that offers such advanced features and versatility. This distinction stems from its roots in agency ownership.
The founders, themselves former agency owners, intimately understand the intricate needs of agencies and recognize that each client has unique requirements. Thus, they are keenly aware of the constant demand for new features to stay aligned with market trends and client demands.

Remarkably, GoHighLevel rolls out an average of five new functions every single week, a testament to its commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Moreover, the platform actively solicits and values user feedback. Through the suggestion box, users can propose new functions or suggest improvements to existing ones.

It's essential to first check the existing suggestions; if you find what you're looking for, cast your vote to prioritize its development.
This collaborative approach ensures that the platform evolves in tandem with user needs, delivering tangible benefits at a rapid pace.
Here the link to the suggestion box: https://ideas.gohighlevel.com/

*Affiliate link, we will get a commission, this will help us to maintain our free coaching and support
** For life means as long the program exist (we don’t intend to stop soon)

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