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Does Inbound Marketing Works for Small Business

Inbound marketing is a non-invasive approach that encourages customers to come to you when you offer relevant, informative, attractive and credible content to entice them into purchasing a product or service from you.

The main tenet of this form of marketing is that people are sceptical of outbound marketing, especially cold call or cold email prospecting.

Inbound marketing does the opposite, it makes customers come to you, so they are already warmed up for your sales pitch.

When you hear the term inbound marketing, you may also hear the word “organic” being used. Organic traffic refers to the visitors that you get who look for your website by punching a query into a search engine.

Nowadays, 94 percent of new business closed start with a search on Google.

So how do you implement inbound marketing and make it work for your small business?

The first concept to grasp with inbound marketing is that you must focus on creating fantastic content that leads people to your website, homepage and landing pages.

How do you do that? You must craft your content around Google’s trends that give you the information of what and how people are searching for.

You should invest the time and effort to create content to questions you know you can answer. Your content should inspire and inform. By offering such content you can push your sales through the roof.

Increase your visibility with quality content

You warm up your audience by serving up content that piques their interest. Online shoppers or those seeking to secure a service will usually type their query into Google and start browsing through the search results to compare and contrast what they find.

Your content must answer those queries and convince the client that this is who they want to purchase from.

You should use non-invasive channels such as tailored landing pages that offer an abundance of information and then gently shepherding the customer towards making the purchase with permission marketing tactics to slowly convince them and secure the sale.

But you should not just limit your efforts to your website. You must be present on all social media platforms so that you can reach the widest possible cross section of society.

Create stories on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook posts, Tik Tok videos, Instagram, Pinterest. Over time your inbound marketing stream will grow.

Paid marketing with Pay Per Click strategies can help boost sales, but it only delivers in the short-term.

In order to consistently grow, you need a long-term strategy focusing on inbound marketing fuelled by amazing content.

Create a Permacycle of growth

FairTech offers a 12-pillar plan to help businesses create growth on growth with our PermaCustomer strategy.

Our strategy will show you how to turn your website into the ultimate money-making machine. By following the 12-point plan, you will create a constant stream of clients that return and refer you to others.

We will show you how to link all parts of the strategy together to make your inbound marketing work harder and smarter for you.

From initial setup to SEO and content creation, this strategy will click together and deliver consistent and positive results year in, year out.

We can also show you how to cultivate your online reputation with our online review software platform.

Watch our video to master the full 12-pillar customer acquisition process and craft the perfect single marketing strategy to dominate your industry.

12 pillar customer acquisition formula video