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Patrik Muehlematter

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Create Customers Constant Flow

All businesses have been there – you attract customers, you get busy, and now you need an automated system to identify, attract and create a constant flow of customers.

It is one of the biggest pitfalls that business owners can fall into. You do the hard yards on startup and create a good stream of customers.

Then you get busy, very busy, and you simply do not have enough time in the day to prospect for new clients because you are focused on your day to day.

So what is the solution to create a constant flow of customers? The short answer is automation. The long answer is that you need one integrated marketing strategy to identify and attract people to your product or service.

You must create a constant flow of customers while also having the time to run your business. The fact is, you must have a strategy to generate a constant flow of new customers for your business and nobody will do that for you. Even if you outsource this task, how good will you be at managing it if you don’t know how this online stuff works?

Using automation to create a constant flow of customers

The key to a successful one stop shop strategy to create a constant flow of customers is to integrate several actions into one solid strategy.

It may sound hard, but with a bit of help and direction you can do this 100 percent online. FairTech can help your business craft one solid marketing strategy to dominate your industry.

Our 12 pillar process can help you leverage the power of our PermaCustomer Strategy. The strategy leverages the Pareto Principle’s 80-20 rule and Jay Abraham’s unique strategy to combine the right actions that will multiply the results.

The mathematical formula behind the strategy holds that about 80 percent of consequences come from 20 percent of causes.

The actions outlined in the 12 pillars in FairTech’s single marketing strategy all work together seamlessly to generate a constant flow of customers.

Outlining your plan involves everything from funnels to content, Search Engine Optimisation, automated profiling, targeting and campaign analysis and execution.

When all the above factors and more come together, you will be in possession of a well oiled machine that will create a constant flow of customers which you can fire and forget.

The secret is simple. Stick to the steps outlined in the 12 pillars and you will have a bulletproof formula that is guaranteed to bring more people through your door or to your website.

Click the “12 pillar customer acquisition formula video” link below to gain exclusive insights from FairTech's full 12-pillar customer acquisition process.

12 pillar customer acquisition formula video