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How to create constant flow from your website for new customers

Every business needs a consistent flow of customers to survive.

In today’s world probably the easiest way to create a flow of leads is through your website. There are many strategies and techniques you can use - all are equally valid. However, it’s the combination of efforts that creates real results.

In order to create a consistent flow of customers for our clients, we at FairTech deploy the PermaCustomer process.

We use the principles of PermaCulture to stack marketing and customer acquisition results.

There are many tools at your disposal, such as…


Search engine optimization is the optimization of written content and your website to generate traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Google Ads

Google ads will give you an instant traffic boost.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all the marketing strategies. It’s simple and effective.

Social Media

Is a must - a great tool to amplify your message and extend your reach.

Social Media Ads

A great way to multiply your reach even more.


Funnels guide your visitors through the steps required in order to be ready to buy from you, and to take steps to purchase from your website.

There are many strategies you can use, but the secret of our formula is to start right where you are. You want to keep doing what’s working and then align other strategies that complement or amplify your existing strategies.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Finding those strategies that leverage results faster.

Here’s an example.

You could start by kickstarting your revenue with short term strategies like social media organic posts, ads or email marketing - depending on what assets you have.

Then you uplevel your website, prepare it to receive and convert traffic. And finally you want to work on growing the traffic.

You can use a myriad of strategies by deploying a few effective strategies for watch and then measuring and reporting so you can grow. The idea of PermaCustomer is that you start building a source of leads, then add another and another.

Creating your customer funnels and sales systems around that is core to the PermaCustomer blueprint. The great thing is that you can follow a simple roadmap, aligning different strategies based on the resources you have available.

The PermaCustomer formula will help you create a digital 24/7 sales rep that does not get tired and never stops pitching new potential clients.

For each pillar there are a few tricks you can immediately deploy for immediate results. By combining the actions from the 12 pillars of FairTech’s PermaCustomer Formula you can multiply the revenue of each action taken one step at a time.

Want to know more?
Watch our PermaCustomer Formula video and get started right away.