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Double your Customers using PermaCustomer Formula

The PermaCutomer formula was built to provide a roadmap for businesses of all sizes, to create a stream of inbound customers for the business.

It is made up of 12 Pillars - but you don’t have to be a perfectionist. In fact this is the strength of the Formula - you can do the minimum of each pillar and because they multiply each other’s results you get more results with less work.

What are the 12 client acquisition PermaCustomer Pillars?

1. Set up your Monitoring

The old adage goes “What cannot be measured cannot be improved” - and similarly what can be measured, should be measured if you want to keep improving it.

The first pillar is about monitoring your performance. The most common things to monitor are traffic, ranking, reputation, sales and competitors. This is usually done using free tools such as Google Analytics.

2. Temporary Strategy (PPC)

Our next step is to build a temporary strategy. This way you immediately start to increase your revenue whilst you’re putting your master plan in place - the plan that will create your automatic, ever-growing flow of new customers.

We focus on a quick-fix-strategy to give you some leads right away. This is often a quick fix on the website to make it more appealing and convert visitors into customers. Everything can be done in a few days, and will make a big difference. Plus a pay-per-click-advertising campaign for an instant traffic and visibility boost.

3. The full Strategy

Once you have a temporary strategy in place, you can start building your long term marketing machine. The one that will create the constantly growing flow of customers you’re aiming for. In order to exponentially multiply the amount of new customers you simply combine all the 12 pillars.

A little of each pillar will bring you many more customers than 1 pillar done to perfection. The PermaCustomer formula uses well selected actions that will multiply the outcome of each other. It’s based on the principle of working smarter, not harder. Just doing the 20% that brings 80% of the income.

4. Transform your website into a 24-hour sales rep

In the PermaCustomer formula your website will be transformed into a fully automatic customer acquisition machine. Some SEO quick fix will make it more visible to potential customers. Improving your content with some easy tricks that are proven to convert your visitors into customers will multiply the acquisition of new customers.

5. Strategy for never-ending Growth

The next step is to delve deep into the strategy for perennial growth. The PermaCustomer formula gives you tools that allow you to grow without limits. Just follow the easy tricks that we developed over the past 21 years.

6. Ideal Clients and Branding

The next step is to really hone in on the stages that focus on those features that attract the right people and help convert them into clients such as, inbound content, reputation marketing, branding and social media. Don’t worry, we’re not speaking about the usual time-consuming social media posting, just a few smart tricks that will multiply the results of the other pillars.

7. Use the insights from the little SEO done above throughout your entire company.

SEO showed you how your customers search for your products and services, now you just need to use this vocabulary and phrases throughout your entire marketing efforts. Online and offline, for example on your printed brochures and price list. You will speak the language of your ideal customers, using the exact words they are looking for, will drastically increase your conversions.

8. Sales Automation

Sales automation is that part of the strategy that equips your website with the tools that walk your prospects to become a client step by step, automatically. Including setting the meeting with you in your calendar to meet them face-to-face and make the sale or direct them to your e-commerce shop.

9. Monitoring

Monitoring is key all throughout. Setting it up is our first step, now you can easily see and evaluate the outcome of your actions.

10. Brainstorming

Based on the monitoring, now we can brainstorm new ideas, tweak and improve our strategy based on what we learn about our clients as we go along.

11. Reports and Decision-Making

Even if you are alone to make decisions, get used to putting things together in a report, so you can at a glance see what are the best decisions to make that contribute to growing your customer acquisition using the 12 simple pillars of the PermaCustomer formula.

12 pillar customer acquisition formula video