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How to grow your own pace and budget

Life would be great if we could all throw thousands of euros at search engines and social media advertising, but the truth is that many business owners cannot do that, so it is important to learn to grow at your own pace and budget.

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool that you have in your possession. Every digital marketing strategy you implement will link back to bringing your customers to your home page.

But the question many business owners ask is how to acquire customers without breaking the bank. There is no silver bullet, but there is the possibility to create a customized strategy for everyone.

Customer acquisition is not about finding the silver bullet strategy. It’s about finding the marketing tools you can afford and start building from there. Then you always move one step up by adding a strategy that is aligned with your goals or by boosting your efforts when possible.

No matter what, the key is to keep it simple and manageable. Find the 20% that will yield the 80% of your results.

Here are some strategies that are good for customer acquisition at little or no budget.

Go local

Local SEO can help you get clients through the door really fast. Let’s imagine you own a plumbing business in London. You do not want to show up in search results for Manchester because it would not be reasonable to take on a job so far away.

Similarly, visitors to your website are not going to be impressed with a search result that cannot come over to fix their leaky tap.

So what you want to do in this case is, invest in crafting content around local SEO. You should use keywords such as Plumber in London, London leak fixing, Tap repair in London.

It all depends on how local you want to go. You can create separate landing pages for different boroughs in the city, meaning that you are really getting specific and can “be there in 30 minutes”.

By going local and really drilling down, you will automatically boost your conversion rate. As mentioned before, people want real and quick fixes to their problems.

By showing that you service local areas, you can be assured that your clickthrough and conversion rates will get a much-needed boost from local SEO.

Add compatible marketing strategies

Once you’ve started seeing results from your strategy in Local SEO, you can align the next strategy to boost results.

Adding compatible marketing strategies to your local SEO will get you noticed more. The marketing strategy you pick is not one-size-fits all. You need to find the right one based on your business, your results and your future goals.

Leverage the Permaculture Formula

Permaculture is an agricultural concept that aims towards achieving permanent growth through zero waste and building on past success.

You can apply this concept of permaculture to your business to find the next best strategy for your customer acquisition strategy.

Applying permaculture allows foresight, long term planning and permanence. FairTech’s PermaCustomer Strategy is inspired by this concept. It also applies the mathematical Pareto Principle where 80 percent of consequences come from 20 percent of actions.

The 12-pillar customer strategy focuses on making things work smarter for you, building on previous efforts.

The strategy is simple and highly effective, coming into its own when the 12 interlinking pillars work together to deliver results and growth with minimum effort.

This strategy will ensure that customers always come to you with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness, allowing you to grow your own business at your own pace and budget.

Watch our video to master the full 12-pillar customer acquisition process and craft the perfect single marketing strategy to dominate your industry.

12 pillar customer acquisition formula video