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How to measure results for customer acquisition to grow your business

You have spent time and money on your marketing in order to get more customers online, the question now is, how can I measure my success?
Luckily for you, Google and other search engines have the same goal as you.
They want more traffic because for them, more traffic means more adverts and therefore more revenue.
Google has two fantastic straight out of the box products that are free and allow you to measure and track each and every movement that a visitor makes on your website.

Track for data, customer acquisition and sales using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a behemoth of a product. It basically works by inserting a line of code onto every page of your website to extrapolate huge amounts of data.
That code will allow you to plug your website into analytics to pull any possible fragment of data you can imagine.
You can get data about customer demographics, devices used, time spent on page, bounce rates and much more.
The first thing you should do is enter a search into Google for “Google Analytics Academy”.
This information hub is loaded with videos created by Google’s own experts to help you get the most out of the software.
It will show you how to create your own fields for acquisitions, conversions, sales, success rates and much more.
Google also has a text based library of FAQs that are very helpful and are built into Google Analytics.

Track your acquisition content’s performance using Search Console

If Google Analytics is all about hard data, then Google Search Console is all about content data and insights.
Like Analytics, it works by inserting a line of code onto each webpage. It will allow you to check if your site map works, if your pages are indexed by Google and if you have duplicate content.
It also lets you see if any of your pages have been penalised by Google and for what reason.

But Search Console’s real value is to crunch your acquisition data about who is visiting your page, what your keyword rankings are, what people have searched for to land on that page and how well your pages perform.
It also has a handy built-in comparison tool that lets you compare customer data month on month, or every three months and other time frame options.
You can even drill down page by page to see what keywords they are ranking for, the impressions they get, the click through rate and, of course, page visits.

Use FairTech’s Permacustomer approach for sustainable gains

Google Analytics and Search Console are just two tools that are recommended in FairTech’s 12-pillar based Permacustomer Strategy.
By combining all 12 pillars we will give you a solid grounding to turn your website into the ultimate money-making tool.

Work smarter, not harder. With our strategy and tools such as the ones above, you can craft the perfect single marketing strategy to dominate your industry and watch customers flow into your business with ease.

Click the link below to watch a free video to discover my 12 pillar customer acquisition process that makes your ideal clients chase you!

12 pillar customer acquisition formula video