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Patrik Muehlematter

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How to dominate your industry using one marketing strategy

Have you ever heard about Permaculture? The idea is that you build an ecosystem that keeps yielding - instead of the usual harvest/sow, feast and famine cycle. The key is to plant plants that are perennial (meaning they don't need to be planted each year.)

This means that every effort you would have invested in planting new plants will now be invested in boosting the harvest you have already. The plants are carefully chosen to help each other for stronger healthier growth. Therefore, year after year you harvest more with less energy.

Patrik Muehlematter has created a marketing strategy based on this principle.

So how does the PermaCustomer Strategy work?

The concept is simple, but highly effective. With 12 interlinking pillars, the PermaCustomer Strategy comes into its own when all actions come together to deliver smart results with minimum effort.

The actions require varying amounts of effort, but once you complete the 12-pillar steps, you can expect consistent and successful results. Customers will come to you, rather than you having to chase after them

Mathematically, the Pareto distribution can be roughly described by a power law distribution for a particular set of parameters.

A perfect example of the strategy’s success lies with Microsoft. The company reported that by fixing 20 percent of the top reported user issues, 80 percent of related errors, bugs and crashes are successfully eliminated.

In addition, Microsoft also noted that 80 percent of code can be written in 20 percent of the time allocated to the task. On the flipside, the most difficult 20 percent of the code takes 80 percent of allocated time.

In a business case, the one single marketing strategy to dominate your industry must create a situation where you work on the 20% that will provide 80% of the results. And to multiply exponentially the amount of new customers you attract, combine actions that multiply the result of each other.

That’s right, work smarter, not harder.

The key to achieving this goal is by ensuring that you have a bulletproof customer acquisition strategy and retention strategy.

The 12 actions in the PermaCustomer Strategy

The secret is to use carefully chosen actions that will multiply each other's results.

Based on 21 years of managing hundreds of projects, we selected the 12 best actions that we know combine themselves perfectly. Combining them all will exponentially multiply your results. This will create a constant growing flow of new customers for your business.

Once the process integrates entirely, you will now be in possession of the ultimate money making machine.

If you want tangible and achievable results, implement Patrik’s PermaCustomer Process for your business.

Watch the video where Patrik himself shows the combination of carefully chosen actions that will exponentially multiply your results, fueling this perpetual cycle for continuous growth with minimum effort.

Click here to watch the video