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Marketing and Permaculture

At FairTech we talk a lot about the PermaCustomer Formula, but many ask… what does permaculture have to do with marketing?

The concept is quite straightforward – it’s about achieving a state of permanent growth.

When you think of permaculture, your mind might instantly go to forestry, land and growth, and this is exactly the synergy that is beneficial for business growth.

The ideology of permaculture fuses land, resources, people and environment by drawing on mutually beneficial synergies to foster zero waste and closed loop systems, similar to what we find in nature.

It is a cycle of permanent growth. In permaculture, you make sure that every effort or action you take are built on efforts that you made before.

Zero wasted effort leads to a philosophy or permanent growth.

Let’s look at farming to understand the concept better. With no permaculture, farmers strip the soil bare and then plant seeds. Once they grow, the crop is harvested and that’s it – they are back to zero and have to start from scratch.

Applying permaculture allows foresight, long term planning and permanence. The land is used in synergy with the plants. Perennial trees and plants are brought in to make sure that the land is always fertile and that the cycle of growth and decay leads to zero waste.

In fact, that cycle makes more things grow in the long term. Each year, they plant more and the effect becomes cumulative. When you add layer upon layer of life and growth, it snowballs giving bigger yields each harvest.

So how does this translate to marketing?

The PermaCustomer Strategy and the Pareto principle

FairTech’s PermaCustomer Strategy is inspired by what you have read above – permaculture. The Pareto principle holds that for most outcomes, 80 percent of consequences come from 20 percent of cause.

This customer strategy focuses on making things work smarter for you, building on previous efforts.

The 12 pillar PermaCustomer Formula is a customer acquisition process that will help you create a marketing cycle where you focus on building on previous results through efforts to amplify them, thus achieving the 80% of the results with 20% of the work. This can only happen when you build your strategy stone upon stone, always working to achieve a natural cycle that yields better results month-on-month.

The strategy is simple and highly effective, coming into its own when the 12 interlinking pillars work together to deliver results and growth with minimum effort.

You should not be chasing customers, they should be coming to you.

The 12 actions in the PermaCustomer Strategy

You first need to take stock of where you and your digital marketing strategy are at before firing up your income growth program.

The third pillar is all about transforming your homepage and landing pages into a marketing tool. Once the website takes off, you apply permaculture philosophy to transform your homepage into a never ending growth machine.

You then optimise your site for search engine results to increase traffic and help potential customers reach you organically.

Once this step is complete you should be setting up your sales automation. From there you should monitor and report, fine-tuning your permaculture marketing strategy as you go.

The process will take some time to integrate, but once it does, you will be in possession of the ultimate money-making machine.

Watch our video to master the full 12-pillar customer acquisition process and craft the perfect single marketing strategy to dominate your industry.
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