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Patrik Muehlematter

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
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Marketing tip to get ahead of your competitors

The top simple marketing tip that will get you ahead of your toughest competitors is to make the management of your online reputation your top priority.

The statistics are overwhelming. Almost every person that executes a search for a product or service will immediately look at online reviews before making a decision.

Digital marketing encompasses many different things including Search Engine Optimisation, high-quality organic content, online presence, social media and much more.

But that does not mean that you can just look at the search results pages and forget about the bread and butter of your business, which is brand image and reputation.

Build a five-star reputation to beat your competitors

Before the digital age came to be, the golden rule of business was that word of mouth advertising was the best form of advertising in the field.

The same holds true in the digital world as Google Reviews and other review sites have become the mouthpiece of the customer where they can leave positive content as well as negative content.

It is important for your brand perception to engage with your customers when they give you a five-star rating and a positive review.

But it is even more important to engage with those that leave negative reviews. With patience and diplomacy, you can take negative comments from dissatisfied customers and turn them into a positive experience.

Begin by reaching out, ask them for an email or a contact number and offer them a solution to their pain point. Not only will you gain a long term customer, but when other potential customers see that you have resolved the issue, you might gain more business.

Reputation management services can help you

If you are tired of chasing after Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google alerts about reviews that you need to respond to, you should consider online reputation management services.

Fairtech offers a bespoke review management software platform that can take the stress out of managing your online rep.

Clients are presented with your own branded online form where they can leave a review on the platform of their choice.

When they do, the smart software immediately funnels positive reviews straight onto the web. Those that are negative will flag before they are published, giving you the time to reach out, mediate and offer a satisfactory conclusion to your disgruntled client.

You will find that when you do, they will more than likely change their review to a positive one. Happy days!

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