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Patrik Muehlematter

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How brand’s perception influences your company culture

Building a brand in today’s digital world is much different than it was even just 10 years ago and depends heavily on the perception of customers fostered through the development of your business culture.

Customers are much more likely to research your company and its operations including how it treats staff, how staff treat customers, environmental commitments, carbon footprint, waste reduction, and charitable activities.

Culture gives meaning to your business and affects every decision that you take. A well-developed business culture attracts and retains both employees and customers with everything being interlinked.

How culture affects the perception of your branding

Branding is how you portray the building blocks of your company, like showcasing its DNA. But culture is where branding is born, it is essentially the values that you as a business owner want to instill in your company.

Your company culture goes a long way in influencing the perception of your brand by both employees and customers.

The business culture that you nurture in your company influences decisions at all levels of the business including production, advertising, sales service, advertising, marketing, after-sales care, and much more.

How do employees affect customer perception of your brand?

The culture of a business defines how employees present themselves and as an extension you and the company to customers. If you have managed to create and foster a great culture, then your employees will be able to fulfill customer goals and learn how to reflect your brand image with a positive portrayal to customers with what becomes shared values.

A satisfied customer is a direct product of the strong culture you have created at your business. A strong culture will result in highly energised and motivated employees that will go out of their way to fulfil a customer’s need or goal.

Research by Forbes has confirmed that the level of care shown by staff during an exchange or interaction with a customer has a direct impact on their satisfaction levels and therefore their perception of your brand.

That perception is further amplified if these satisfied customers share their experience and perception of your brand by leaving a positive review on Facebook, Google or any other digital platform.

Your brand’s internal culture wields a lot of power when it comes to perception from the outside. If you get the culture right, then the branding which you create will be strong and relatable. Things such as great service and after sales care will snap into place naturally and become a true reflection of your brand and culture. Put very simply, creating a great culture and a strong brand will follow as a direct result.

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