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Patrik Muehlematter

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How you can convert more Google searches to paid customers

A whopping 53 percent of global website traffic is generated by organic search queries, beating all other sources put together, including paid search.

In 2020 the click through ratio for top organic spot was 43 percent, 37 percent for position 2 and 30 percent for position 3. To put this into context, the number 10 spot got a CTR of 3 percent.

This is ample proof that if you want your business to succeed and have a good reputation, you must have good online visibility and aim for the top 10 results on the first page if you want to generate traffic.

That is all well and good but converting that traffic into sales is another matter entirely.

Monitoring of User Behavior to increase the Conversion rate

The first thing that your business should do is link Google Analytics and Search Console to your site.

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful suite of tools, but many users fall into the trap of monitoring traffic alone.

The key to getting results out of analytics to increase conversions is to drill down into the data reports and examine the behaviour of users on your website.

You should be looking at time on page and more importantly bounce rate, which is a single session without any interaction on the page, along with exit, which gives data on where users left your website.

What this data tells you is that users might be leaving on a particular page because there is no compelling call to action.

Your site needs to offer the path of least resistance to create a conversion. A user is searching for an answer to their query and tweaking those pages with a high bounce rate might result in a better conversion rate.

Online Reputation and Visibility

While the technical side of things is important, your business should also seek to gain as much visibility as possible on Google.

You can boost your Search Engine Results Page traffic by signing up for Google My Business (GMB) so you can get onto the Google Local Pack and Google Maps.

To underpin your good reputation it is important to upload good quality images of your business and products to this platform. Google has made it plain that it intends to challenge the current internet setup by getting businesses onto their platform and staying there, rather than clicking through external website pages.

Also, to receive Google reviews, you need to have a GMB account setup and while reviews do not directly influence your search engine rankings, they can give very clear signals to potential clients about your reputation as a business.

At some point or another, you will receive a bad review, but you should not dwell on it too much. The secret to bad reviews is not getting the person to remove or retract them but is more about how you deal with them. You will find that even the most disgruntled of customers will retract the review if you deal with their complaint efficiently and in a satisfactory manner.
If you have good, strong, and credible branding online as well as in the bricks and mortar world, they will help you convert visits and traffic into tangible sales.

Managing your reputation is crucial, a bad review can reduce your sales by 60%. Make sure to have the right plan (and the right tool for your plan) to monitor your reviews on all the general platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages including the platforms related to your industry.

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