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How to get stable positive reviews for business

Online reviews are one of the best trust signs that a business can have, and it is important that you aim to have a consistent stream of positive ones.

Ninety four percent of web users say a bad review will put them off from visiting a website, so it is important to get as many positive ones as possible.

You must be visible on review platforms

The most important thing in getting a consistent stream of reviews for your business is to be available on all platforms so that people can leave a review. You should always make sure that your own platform has a review section, but you need to go further than that. You should make sure to tick all the boxes and be visible on Google My Business, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages online and as many others as you possibly can.

Optimise your content to facilitate the review process

Make sure that all your webpages, including blog posts, are optimised to make it easy for customers to leave reviews. Whatever page a visitor lands on, you should have a review form or button that they can click to leave a review on your site. You should also place badges to direct visitors to third party sites where they can leave reviews.

Send an email or SMS

Once you are certain that your customer has received their product, you can prompt them to leave a review. You should open softly to set the tone right, asking the client if they are enjoying the product or the services they bought from you.

Engage with people who have left reviews

Research has shown that 54 percent of web users will be more likely to visit a website when a business has engaged with people who have left reviews, whether good or bad. Make sure you thank the person who left a review and encourage them and others to visit your website.

Most importantly, always respond to negative reviews and offer ways to remedy the situation. Research has found that loyal and satisfied customers are more likely to leave a positive review if you have responded to and dealt with a negative review in an appropriate manner.

Managing your reputation is crucial, a bad review can reduce your sales by 60%. Make sure to have the right plan (and the right tool for your plan) to monitor your reviews on all the general platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages including the platforms related to your industry.

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