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Case Study Online Reputation Management
Patrik Muehlematter

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
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SWS is FairTech's partner that provide the necessary system

Study Sona Tours Reputation Management

The Challenge

Sona Tours were facing a challenging market:
competitors were increasing and were cutting profit margins to differentiate themselves. Sona Tours needed to take action.

When your business is creating trust that you can make dream vacations a reality, there is nothing more important than your reputation.

When Sona Tours approached SWS back in 2015 they had 0 reviews and a limited presence online which they knew needed to change.

Taking Action

Sona tours approached the expert team at SWS to help them to take a more proactive approach in developing, marketing and managing a 5 star reputation online.

Through the use of a simple to use, yet very powerful platform, SWS created a bespoke interface which allowed Sona Tours to capture and market their reviews.

Client Experience

Sona Tours were amazed by the ease of providing a simple link to clients that would automatically populate every platform of their choosing.

To find out more about Sona Tours, please visit sonatours.co.uk or contact them on +44 (0) 20 8951 0111.

The development of our online reputation has been instrumental to our growth and success. The ease of implementing the system and the increases we have seen are a testament to the dedication of the team at SWS.

Chetan Shah, Finance Director, Sona Tours

The Results

Sona Tours have benefited from:

  • 170,056 website review views (as at January 2019)
  • Reviews across all major social media platforms
  • 434 reviews marketed, 840 monthly marketing reach
  • 5 star rating across all online directories
  • Increase in web traffic (external platforms)

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Patrik Muehlematter

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