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Never again search for customers, Live Free!
We’re not trying to make you rich overnight.
Together we are changing the way you get your customers. We're helping you become a customer magnet so you can do business on your own terms. You can find your purpose and live a life you truly love.

FairTech’s 12 pillars customer acquisition process will make your ideal clients chase you!

We have proven that the right combination of measures, changes completely the way customers are attracted to a business, any business!

Our mission is to empower businesses, providing them with a new customer acquisition formula.
Simply searching for new customers doesn't work. Any strategy that doesn’t implement a process to attract a constantly growing flow of new clients doesn't work and should therefore be discarded.
We help you implement the process so you can fulfill your mission and get the success you aim for and deserve.

FairTech's Customer Acquisition

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Marketing Service Provider

Agency for Digital Marketing

At FairTech we are here to help you turn your website into a 24/7 sales rep. We have been working in Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) since 1999. Our in-house team today consists of 18 highly-qualified customer acquisition specialists including SEO experts, search engine optimisation strategists, analysts, digital marketing consultants, online advertising specialists, social media professionals, and many more...

Over the last 20 years, we have helped countless businesses from all over the world achieve outstanding online visibility. We’ve helped them drive more traffic to their websites and focused on converting their traffic into customers and revenue.

We Expert In
Online Marketing for Consultants


Is there anything more frustrating than spending a ton of time and money trying to get new customers online but nothing ever works?

We get it.
Nowadays, online, things are changing very fast and if you don’t know how it works in the first place, how can you keep up with all the new changes?

But what if you didn’t have to?

Instead of wasting any more time or money, we could just give you the answers you’re looking for.

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Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Training

Nowadays online, things are changing very fast and if you don’t know how it works in the first place, how can you keep up with all the new changes?

FairTech's Academy provides online courses, Events and "do it with me" workshops.
Those training are made for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand how it is done so they can assign the work and monitor the outcome.
  • Sole entrepreneurs or team members who need to learn how to do it themselves.
  • Agencies or freelancers who want to offer this as a service.
Service Provider in Marketing

Digital Marketing Service Provider

FairTech's all-inclusive packages.
Looking for a peace of mind solution where you can relax knowing a team of experts is working daily on:

  • Improving your online presence.
  • Adapting to the fast-changing needs with the goal in mind to bring you more and more new customers month after month.

Let's have a call and discuss your needs and goals.

Expert SEO Services for Local and International Businesses

The growth of any company, be it a local business or an international corporation, depends on their ability to grow their web presence. This is why they hire SEO experts.

FairTech is based in Malta and works with companies both in Malta and internationally. We have provided remote services to customers from over 120 countries. Our professional SEO and digital marketing strategies will cater your business with a steady growing flow of visitors and leads. We will be there to mentor you during your entire digital marketing process and our consultants will guide you so you can convert more visitors into leads and more leads into customers.

Expert SEO Consulting

Effective SEO Strategy

Custom Digital Marketing and SEO Services

Our experience in digital marketing has made it possible to provide custom tailored strategies for businesses in all kinds of industries. The different specialists and experts in our team work hand-in-hand to create the strategy adapted to your company’s needs.

Continuous monitoring of our client's success and fine-tuning strategies enables us to always achieve a strong advantage over your competitors.

Full service Digital Marketing Consulting, training, and SEO Services Agency

Take advantage of getting your complete digital marketing from a single source.
We take care of your entire project. Our services include website auditing, consultancy,
all-inclusive marketing packages as well as SEO for local business & international corporations.
Automated lead / sales generation, and branding, to name just a few…

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How is your online reputation?

Lack of recent positive reviews on different platforms can make it difficult if not impossible to get new customers.
That's a problem (one we solve)
What about if we make that clients are attracted to you instead of your searching for them?
Sounds too good to be true?
See our all-inclusive online reputation marketing packages and start welcoming your new clients. Or learn more about online reputation management in our blog.

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