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FT About Us

Fairtech was founded 20 years ago, before Digital Marketing was something businesses needed to worry about. Our Founder Patrik Muehlematter started his first business at the tender age of 16 - youth, can be an advantage but inexperience comes with many disadvantages too.

His perfectionism took him through burnout and health problems at a very young age. Too stressed and too frustrated with how little he could sell, he slowly found his way to learning Digital Marketing.

He stayed a perfectionist and decided to work hard on creating the perfect product. The one that would help everyone who faces the same difficulties he faced all those years ago.

He wanted to help business owners who are great at what they do, but not very good at getting their products and services out there in front of their target audience.

In 1999 he came up with the Digital Marketing Mastery formula.

Patrik started a scuba diving portal and very fast, took his website to 1 million visitors per Year!


Soon other business owners flocked to learn what Patrik had done. People started asking him to help them do the same for their business.

FairTech was born…

Since 2020 FairTech is an official GoHighLevel partner.


It grew into a company that helps other small to large businesses grow and scale using the best Digital Marketing practices.

It was built on the vision which Patrik today shares with his team of highly qualified marketers...

“to build a money machine that works for ANY business.”

One little known fact is that is not a one size fits all - we use our Digital Marketing knowledge to build a ‘leads machine’ that works specifically for YOUR business.

But the Digital Marketing industry is fast and ever-changing.
This is why Fairtech’s strength lies in innovation, ongoing Digital Marketing experiments (in our Digital Marketing Lab) and a consistent flow of new ideas.

Our processes are highly streamlined and customer-centric.. We focus on our customer’s customer to understand which techniques pertaining to Digital Marketing will reap the highest benefits for our clients. Our goal is to grow your leads, revenue and business.

If you’re looking to grow and scale your business in a sustainable and predictable way, our Digital Marketing strategy will help you reach your goals. We can help you gain and maintain top organic search rankings by building the right tailor-made solution. We are completely transparent and work in partnership with you to understand how Digital Marketing can help your business and integrate with your current processes for smooth scaling.

It’s important for us to foster close relationships with all our clients. We go to great lengths to make sure you understand how we work. Our goal is to over-deliver, and we know we can do this by developing a deep understanding of your targets, processes and business strategy. Our goal is to make sure you get a strong return on investment as quickly as possible.

FairTech About Us

Meet The Founder

Patrik Mühlematter – Founder and Director

Founder of FairTech, Patrik is the man with the vision.
He wants to help other business owners like himself get their products and services in front of people.
He’s spent 20 years helping clients from all over the world succeed in their various niches.

This way hundreds of business owners achieved success through FairTech’s client acquisition formula,
but Patrik’s goal is much larger than that, he wants to help millions of business owners
around the globe to solve this problem. Will you be the next?