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Complete SEO Checklist

Do you know 90% of the customers look for a business on the search engine before opting for its products/services?

And are you aware that to appear on the top search, you are obliged to rank higher through SEO?

Well, SEO is the game-changer today. It is the ultimate way to be more visible to the audience to increase business reach and sales.

The way of conducting business has evolved over the years, and it will keep changing just as everything in the universe does. Hence, conducting marketing strategies has also changed; the marketers have made their move to smart work from hard work. They do not chase customers, instead, they attract them through techniques like SEO.

The need for SEO increased even more when the global pandemic hit the world. Where the pandemic was a significant setback for the world, businesses had another story to tell. Through SEO, a good share of businesses could make better sales and bring more revenues in. They did not have to go to any place at all; just with a few clicks and smart tactics, they managed it all.

Hence, if you are a newbie in the digital world or realize that you need to make a smart move now, then go ahead match this advanced checklist for 2021 with your SEO preparations.

1. Get Google Search Console Onboard

To see insights on your site’s visibility and organic health, the Search Console is the place to start. In order to stay updated with the SEO requirements for the search engine, it is essential to know where you stand and how you will improve your digital position, and Google Console helps you with that.

2. Set Up Google Analytics

Want to know how many people are visiting your site every day?
Where they came from, which page they visited and who became a client?
Set up Google Analytics to get complete insights. You can analyze the reach on your site and how the engagement has occurred. Figure out which strategies worked and which didn’t work through the analytics and then work on the best ones.

3. Keep An Eye on the Competitors

Your competitors are your greatest friend. Yes, you read it right. They push you to be the best of yourself and compete with you at each step. Therefore, in order to stay in the market in the race, you need to keep an eye on your competitors. Figure out which strategies do they use and make sure yours outperform them.

4. Figure-Out the Money-Generating Keywords

Keywords are the keys to the treasure; however, not every keyword will do a great job making money. They, of course, will help you be more prominent, but to earn more, you need to make sure to identify the money-making keywords. You can do it by using tools like keyword overview of Semrush.com

5. Identify the Questions the Target Market Asks

The suggestions you get at the end of a Google search are actually your target customers' most asked questions. Pay close attention to them and bring as many answers as you can to your site. This way, you will be prone to a mass audience in the least amount of time.

6. Map Out the Keywords

Categorize all the keywords you have searched from the least to most essential sections. Map out which will be used as the headers and what will go into the content.
Also, remember to use those keywords in your social media posts.

7. Fix Broken Links (Internal or External)

Broken links are the worst thing you can do for your business and SEO ranking. Imagine opening a link for a brand, and it doesn’t direct you anywhere; you will be annoyed. Your customers too will feel the same way if they do not get the correct links. Therefore, make sure to regularly repair any broken links (external or internal) and then move ahead.

8. Work on the Keyword Variations

The good thing about long-tail keywords is that they can be used in multiple places with various variations. For instance, a ‘how to write a bestselling book’ can be used as ‘how to write, ‘bestselling book,’ and ‘write a bestselling book.’ Be flexible with the variations, and you will see the magic it will bring.

Concluding Word

SEO is the game for winners, and with all these tools and techniques; nothing can stop you from ranking higher in the search engine in 2021 or in the coming years.

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