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Complete SEO for E-Commerce

After being in business for years, is your online store’s reach still low? Does your store have only a few customers? Well, we are here to help you gain more and save you all the stress and worrying. Your e-commerce website most definitely lacks an effective SEO strategy. With the right e-commerce SEO your site will gain maximum reach and drive organic traffic in days.

Here you will find the best e-commerce SEO strategy for your business, to help generate maximum profits and secure more buyers. We have laid out the 4 best proven ways that work like a charm.

So, let’s dive in and make all your e-commerce goals come true!

What is the importance of SEO in E-commerce?

The need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in e-commerce has been largely observed over the years. Businesses that have adopted a decent e-commerce SEO strategy are seen to flourish, whereas the ones that have not, continue to suffer. Their work, services and products do not reach masses. Hence, lesser customers and minimum sales.

E-commerce SEO helps your business pop up on the internet and makes it grow. The e-commerce store is recognized by google, and ranked higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs), this makes the store visible to a wider audience. With effective SEO ways, the business starts to appear in customer’s searches therefore driving more organic traffic and potential buyers to the site.

Therefore, e-commerce SEO is proven to be highly beneficial for e-commerce businesses.

Best E-commerce SEO Strategy for 2021

Now that we have established the need for SEO in your business, let’s draw you an ideal strategy.

Here is our well-thought and updated best e-commerce SEO strategy for 2021. These 5 proven ways will help your business grow organic traffic and more revenue.

1. Keywords Research

Finding the top-trending keywords in your niche industry is a great indicator of the kind of content users are looking for. It gives you a direction as to what your business should focus more upon.

2. Keyword Research Tools

Tools like Moz’s keyword research tool; Check at moz.com/explorer or Google AdWords; Check at ads.google.com will help you find the popular keywords or phrases searched by users. Naturally inculcating these popular keywords or phrases in your content is a very common SEO practice, to rank your site higher on the SERPs and directing users to your store.

3. E-commerce SEO Website Architecture

Your website architecture is an important factor that draws users towards it. It shows the site’s performance. Some elements to optimize your site architecture include;

Website Structure

The website layout should be easy and simple. Products should be clearly categorized to make users’ browsing smooth and trouble free. The 3-click-rule should be applied, it implies that no page should take more than 3 clicks to return back to the home page.
Website Structure
The above e-commerce site has an optimized site structure and is following the simple three-click-rule for users’ convenience.

Internal Linking Structure

Maintaining an apt internal linking structure is another important SEO practice to optimize your website. Link all your valued products on different pages.

Mobile-friendly Version

In today’s tech world, be sure to have a mobile friendly version of your website easily accessible by most customers.

4. On-page SEO for E-commerce

On-page SEO is optimizing the content on each page of your e-commerce website. Here are the main ways to do that;

Use of Keywords

The use of relevant keywords remains an integral SEO practice. Using the keyword finder, make a list and optimize your content accordingly, be sure that it’s what the user wants.

E-commerce Product Descriptions

Make your product descriptions catchy and appealing to customers. They should be precise and keyword-enriched. Add words like “SALE” and “Free Shipping” to draw more attention.

E-commerce SEO Voice Search

Users these days search in a conversational manner i.e “What is the price of product X” and google also supports human voice. So optimize your ecommerce SEO accordingly. The content and product descriptions should be written in a friendly conversational manner.

5. Marketing and Promotion

Lastly, you need to actively promote your business as part of the e-commerce SEO. You can do so by the following ways;

External Linking

Have credible websites and bloggers link to your account. Rather than paying for google ads, you can pay influencers to advertise your e-store and link it in their profiles.

Social Media Presence

Make sure all your products are well advertised and marketed over social media. Use different social media platforms to post and update users about the new collection or any ongoing sales.

Make your Online Store Grow with E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is not a foreign phenomenon anymore, rather a widely used practice by all successful businesses. If you still haven’t, now is the time to finally adopt the best e-commerce SEO strategy for your online store and make it a successful one.

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