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Kathrin Schilling, founder of BioPowder

Thanks to FairTech we've been getting a number of inquiries from a wide range of industries in different countries. And I must say that the quality of these inquiries has really improved significantly over the last couple of months. Quite a few of these leads have already become good contacts or even customers who are in the process of testing our products. It was really thanks to FairTech and their efforts that these people have even found our website.

Michael Schembri, Founder and CEO of WaterART

FairTech has delivered more than they promised. People are finding us on the internet and people are coming to us and asking for price quotes. This means that the website has now become a second source of business for us.

Frederic Villa, Founder of Integritas Group Ltd

FairTech helps to generate double the amount of leads every six months.

Alex Grima, Founder & Managing Director of Progressive Information Systems Ltd

With FairTech the leads coming in from the web, from our website specifically have increased drastically and even by email.

Mark Azzopardi, Founder of Working Town

Business is becoming more and more about how much traffic you manage to drive to your website and that is what FairTech does and they do so effectively.

Written Reviews

Christa Bieri

Christa Bieri, Co-owner of RaumUndDesign

The amount of our leads is growing and we have a conversion rate to orders of more than 50%

Felix Gerber

Felix Gerber, owner of Natur Holz Visonen

We greatly appreciate the good contact with FairTech. Our website is now an additional source of increasing revenue

Schiess Olivier

Olivier Schiess, co-owner of L. Klein SA

FairTech's work has highly contributed in the success of our company