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Online Marketing Trends to Scale Your Business Faster

We hear about a lot businesses using online marketing trends to make millions and scale their business fast, with what looks like overnight success. This can happen for any traditional business but first, a disclaimer.
You can scale fast using online marketing strategies even if you don't sell anything online. But, like anything in business, it still takes hard work and persistence.

If you want to scale your business fast, here are 7 digital marketing techniques that can help you make it happen no matter what business you’re in:

1. No visibility no scaling

The first step is to become immediately visible online. You can achieve this by optimising your Google touchpoints for local SEO and up-levelling your social media. Having a social media presence and optimising for local SEO are the basics you need to have in place if you plan to scale. Your prospective clients will not take you seriously if you do not do this. “Google My Business” is the place to start to optimise your local SEO, there are lots of functions that will help you even to generate direct leads and sales from there.

2. SEO - the best digital weapon for long term scaling in your arsenal

Search Engine Optimisation is key to your long-term growth. In order to scale you need to bring traffic to your website. SEO is the most efficient and lowest cost tool to scale your business. When done well it will bring you a constant, growing flow of new visitors on your website, and grows is what you need to scale. Once you get them there you need to create ways to capture their attention through valuable content. Make sure you’re easy to get in touch with and your company has a lot of information for people to engage with and return to.

3. Growing your email lists to scale your business faster

Your website also needs to have the tech in place to collect emails. In order to make sales, you need to grow an email list of people who are interested in you and what you do but are not ready to buy now. Many people never return to a website they visit because they forget, by getting their email address you can keep in touch with a newsletter and make sure they don’t forget about you. We call this staying in your prospect’s front of mind - so when they need you they remember you can help them.
Every time you launch a new product/service or special offer, the subscribers on your email list will buy faster and buy more as the trust is already existent.

4. Digital Relationships

Finally a point which is often overlooked in online marketing is relationships. Every person on your list, every website visitor, every prospect is a human being. Make sure you show that you care about them and talk to as many of them face to face. In the long run, the information they give you will be very valuable to grow your marketing and your business. Keep relation via social media, this is where you can grow (scale) your audience, listen to the demands as well as create the market needs.

5. Reputation management, reputation marketing

The revolution is over, the consumer has won. Nowadays with customer reviews, companies with bad services or products will immediately get bad online reviews and be avoided by future buyers. People tend to review faster when they are not happy than when they are. It is important to monitor the reviews you get from your clients and address eventual bad reviews immediately. To scale your business your online reputation is crucial. Keep it clean!

6. Paid advertising

More expensive but fast in bringing results paid advertising is a perfect tool to scale faster. Paid advertising refers to places where you pay to be visible like Google Adwords, running ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

7. Monitoring

All the above points are some of the most important foundations you need to succeed in scaling your business. Now you want to monitor its success well, any campaign without monitoring is worthless. Most of the time when new clients arrive at FairTech asking for help as they struggle to scale their business, the biggest reason is the lack of monitoring. You need to know exactly what is going on if you want to be able to scale.

8. Now you can scale

Now that you have all the ingredients, using the monitoring, isolate what works and what doesn’t. Stop what does not work, double or even triple what works. Scaling is as easy as that. Careful to scale progressively and monitor all the way, many times doubling the investment will double the benefit, tripling will triple the benefits, but 10 times more investment may bring only 5 times more benefits, you have to find the sweet spot. The key is to scale progressively and monitor. With paid advertising you will reach so-called “ad fatigue” meaning viewers get tired of your ads, you will have to alternate you ads sets regularly. Again monitoring, stopping what is not working and increasing what is working is the key to scale your business successfully.

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