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Scale Your Business with Online Paid Ads

1. Make sure your website has everything it needs to convert your visitors
In order to turn visitors into clients, it's not enough to just have a website. Your website needs to have features specifically built to capture leads so your sales team can turn them into clients.

For example, you can have a downloadable pdf with information that is valuable to your customers. You can also use case studies or research results to offer value. In exchange for the pdf, you would request their email address, name and phone number so you can follow-up the lead.

2. Test conversion with organic traffic
If you have the right analytics on your website, you should be able to see which keywords are bringing traffic to your pages. This information is key when you’re planning pay-per-click adverts.

If you know that there are already keywords that are converting well for you organically with traffic from Google and other search engines, adding ads to increase traffic will automatically result in more leads. More leads will help you scale your business.

3. Use organic traffic to test and improve your conversion rates.
Once your conversion rates are high enough to justify the budget you will spend then it’s time to use online paid ads in order to scale fast. You need to keep track of the whole process to measure this.

You need to track where the traffic is coming from, which pages are getting this traffic, how many leads each page is generating. You need to also track one often overseen factor - how many of those leads were closed by the sales team. You also need to analyse the quality of each lead, not just the quantity. This information can only be sourced directly from your sales team.

4. Add a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising budget
Add money to the equation once you know that you have enough data to predict a positive return on investment. PPC is becoming increasingly expensive on Google, Facebook and any other platform you choose.

So doing it wisely can mean you get a much better return allowing you to scale faster.
In order to embark on this journey of scaling you also need to make sure that your internal processes are up to scratch. You cannot take 5 days to pick up an online lead because it just wouldn’t work. You need to have responsive teams that process fast and intuitively know how to close leads.

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