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Digital Strategy to Grow your Business Sales

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by business owners in our age. What is the best digital strategy to grow your business sales? If you have tried digital marketing before you probably understand how many moving parts it has and how difficult it is to make it work.

But what is digital marketing?
Digital marketing includes a number of disciplines and can be quite confusing due to the vast range of services it encompasses. Here is a short list of the most common forms of the best digital marketing strategies around.

Best Digital Strategies

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Pay Per Click Advertising
Public Relations - Online PR
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Viral Marketing
Influencer Marketing.

The most effective forms of digital marketing will depend on your business. Most small to medium businesses begin with social media marketing later extending this to content marketing and search engine optimisation. This is a common path taken and one that is effective for most businesses. Additionally like Public relations, Pay per Click Advertising and Viral Marketing are used to promote specific campaigns. Whereas Pay per click campaigns are often run to get more visibility or launch products or services.

Every digital strategy has a place in your business

All digital strategies are effective given the correct professional strategist is engaged. However using all can be an expensive or time consuming affair. One should seek to begin with a proper overall strategy that will combine the different services for maximum impact, avoid conflicts and double work. This general digital strategy will start with the choice of channels to combine that fit well to your industry, budget and manpower available. The powerful combination of SEO, content, social media and monitoring will give you:

  1. Visibility in search engines like Google. This will regularly bring you new clients requesting for your services or products.
  2. Quality Content on your website that converts your visitors into loyal clients and getting organic links from other websites to yours
  3. Engage and keep contact with your audience which will be made of potential and existing clients

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of your success online. All your efforts online should be driven by a strong overall SEO strategy. This is what will be the glue between the different campaigns like social media, content marketing, public relation etc.
SEO is going into all channels, this is what will bring till 10 times more results. For this reason this is the place to start with.

A good place to start with is to take advantage of the free consultation of FairTech that will show you your options and help you set a budget that will bring maximum Return on Investment

At this stage your best digital asset becomes your website, or rather the content on your website. Your next task is to improve the content and structure of your site to turn more of those visitors into customers. You will also need to keep working on your search engine optimisation to retain your search positions and continue growing.

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