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FairTech help generate double the amount of leads every six months.

Case study of Integritas Group Ltd

The Client

Integritas Group Ltd. was founded in 2011. They hold offices in Malta, Dubai and Switzerland. They are a trustee licensed by the MFSA and are a corporate services provider specialising in setting up of companies, residency by investment, citizenship by investment.

The Project

Integritas Group Ltd. was not fully using their website as a marketing or sales tool. When they decided it was time to do so they contacted FairTech to assist them.
We assessed their website and adapted it so it was SEO ready. This made their site more visible to search engines. Then, an Digital Marketing package was set in place where the goal was to improve the position of the services Integritas Group Ltd offered in the Google ranking.
The result was an increase in the number of visits and leads Integritas Group Ltd. were usually getting from their website.
In addition to assistance with the website, FairTech enlisted a partner from within their network, coached staff at Integritas Group Ltd. to convert leads into business.

The Result

Leads are doubling every 6 month
This graph shows how FairTech is able to increase the number of visitors to Integritas Group Ltd.’s website month after month.

Case study of Integritas Group Ltd Result Graph

Frederic Villa

“FairTech helps to generate double the amount of leads every six months.”
- Frederic Villa, Founder of Integritas Group Ltd. www.integritas-trustees.com

"I'm Frederic Villa, the founder of Integritas Group.
Integritas was set up by myself in 2011.
We are a corporate service provider and a trustee licensed by the MFSA.
Our main services are setting up of companies and their administration and the other big area is residency by investment and citizenship by investment.


This is a testimonial for FairTech, our Digital Marketing Agency.
I must say that growth has been quite steady and very pleasant.
From 2011 till today we have grown to being 20 people and consequently growing internationally too.
We have offices in Switzerland, Malta and Dubai at the moment.
We see the results, it has worked and what we have spent has been paid back.
It was a very good match and we are still going along very well together.

The leads are every 6 months doubling I would say.
We are happy to have trusted him.
If we compare to the really big ones, I think we have a better reach than them and that is due to the good optimization that we have that makes a really a difference.

We are top in the searches on top of others which invest much more and are much bigger, have much bigger reach and marketing teams than we have.
FairTech helped us and assisted us also to train our staff through other providers to be able to convert leads into effective business and that is also something I must thank him for. Because it is having a full picture, seeing the big picture in our business and not only his sector.

At the start our lead generation was zero, so we effectively didn't use the online marketing on our website as an instrument for promoting our products.

Today we have passed, have covered, and are covering and far more the costs that we have invested into the strategy.

What we felt was really helpful was the feedback.
I would say that they are very precise, very transparent and they tell you effectively how things are, manage the expectations of client.
FairTech was able to do that very well."