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Increased sales by creating a new site to be more search engine friendly and implemented a local SEO strategy.

Case study of Natur Holz Visonen

The Client

Natur Holz Visonen, based in Grenchen, Switzerland, was founded by Felix Gerber in 1998.
Felix Gerber is a talented artist and carpenter. His passion is wood. Using his creative skills combined with artisanal competence and experience, he creates individual pieces of furniture from carefully selected solid wood. Each piece is unique due to the nature of his chosen medium.
Felix Gerber works closely with each of his clients to produce exactly what they wished for.

The Project

This talented client wished to improve the positioning of his website in order to increase sales. The agency that the client was already using generated the visitors, unfortunately, they didn’t convert into sales. One of FairTech’s existing clients recommended us to Natur Holz Visonen.
We analysed this current situation and concluded the best approach was to restructure the site and add content to make it more search engine friendly.
As Natur Holz Visonen is a local business, we also implemented a local SEO strategy. This drove people not only to the website but also to the physical store itself or to call their number. The amount of requests via a questionnaire on the site increased too.
New business sales has since improved and FairTech were able to do all of this at a fraction of the price.

The Result

The graph shows the steady increase of visitors to the Natur Holz Visonen site since FairTech assessed their local SEO strategy.

Case Study of Natur Holz Visonen Result Graph

Felix Gerber

“We greatly appreciate the good contact with FairTech. Our website is now an additional source of increasing revenue...”
Felix Gerber, owner of Natur Holz Visonen. www.naturholzvisionen.ch

"We greatly appreciate the good contact with FairTech. Our website is now an additional source of increasing revenue.

The team is always very close to our project. Their online analyzes have been individually prepared for us, exactly on target and they ensured that everything was implemented precisely.

That was a huge load taken from our shoulders.
They are always there for us when we contact them, if we have any question we always get a fast reply. This way over time a trust relationship has established.

With FairTech we have a partner at our side, who always supports us with advice and action."