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Created a more SEO friendly website and doubled the number of visitors within a six month period.

Case study of RaumUndDesign

The Client

RaumUndDesign’s first office opened in Wolhusen, Switzerland, was founded in 2006 by Adrian and Christa Bieri. They have since expanded and in 2017 are now in two new premises. One in Zurich and one in Lucerne. They specialise in providing a comprehensive service in the interior design and space management sector. Their creations combine the optimal use of space with an attractive design. RaumUndDesign clients can expect a dedicated service which includes product development and product management.

The Project

This architectural firm wished to slowly grow and decided they would use their site in order to do this. As they had never tried online marketing before RaumUndDesign approached FairTech to guide them.
RaumUndDesign had just launched their site prior to coming to us and expressed they wished to use it for a short period before making changes to make it SEO ready. We took this into account and we were still able to implement our strategy whilst leaving the current design of the site intact.
Making their site more SEO friendly meant search engines were now able to see and list RaumUndDesign in the results. As a result, more visitors come to their website and FairTech were able to double the amount within a six month period. Since opening, RaumUndDesign have expanded enough to proudly open two new premises.

The Result

From the graph below you can see the number of visitors steadily increasing due to the execution of our Marketing strategy.

Case study of RaumUndDesign Result Graph

Christa Bieri

“The amount of our leads is growing and we have a conversion rate to orders of more than 50%...”
Christa Bieri, Co-owner of RaumUndDesign. www.naturholzvisionen.ch

For us, FairTech is the ideal partner for our SEO strategy - professional, personal and committed!

The amount of our leads is growing and we have a conversion rate to orders of more than 50%.