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Created a more search engine friendly site which resulted in an increase of visitors and sales to both the website and the physical showroom.

Case Study of WaterART Concepts

The Client

A Malta based company providing bathroom solutions. Specialising in bathroom and sanitaryware. They hold a vast collection of products all under one roof and are committed to offering ecological solutions to help sustainability.

The Project

Initially WaterART Concept’s website was focused towards providing the specifications of products to be used by distributors and installers. It proved to be a great source of reference for those who need this information. This made the site a useful tool but it wasn’t quite orientated to be used as a marketing tool.
The website had no visibility online for people to find them. FairTech collaborated with WaterART Concept and advised them on what was needed in order to create a more search engine friendly site.

Some of the changes included site content getting enhanced, menu structure reorganised, and the products themselves were showcased (not just their specifications). These adjustments meant search engines were able to now index WaterART Concepts’s web pages. As a result they now have regular new enquires and sales.

Sales also come automatically as we channeled visitors towards the physical showroom. This resulted in an increase in visitor numbers and sales being made via this route.

The Result

This graph shows how we were able to increase the number of visitors to the website of WaterART Concepts after we made the necessary changes in order to make it more ‘search engine’ friendly.

Case Study of WaterART Concepts Result Graph

Michael Schembri

“Restructured the website to be more search engine friendly which resulted in an increase of visitors and sales to both the website and the physical showroom.”
- Michael Schembri, Founder and CEO, www.waterartconcepts.com

"My name is Michael Schembri. I represent WaterART. WaterART is a brand that provides bathroom solutions.


This is a testimonial for FairTech, our Digital Marketing Agency.

FairTech have delivered more than they promised. People are finding us on the internet and people are coming to us and asking for price quotes. Which means that the website has now become a second source of business for us.

You can see the and feel the difference.
Whereas before the website was more of a tool to the people who already knew me, it has now become an engine to promote our brand to the people who do not know us.

It's been a very easy walk. Especially with me they were honest, so there has been a lot of flexibility from their side to make us feel comfortable.
They are professional in the field. They know the topic inside out.

What I like most about them is that they are very quick and very responsive.
The minute you send an e-mail you get a reply back. It's very important because many other clients do not answer e-mail unfortunately.
So in the case of FairTech there's no need to spend time chasing anyone.

They are pretty much on the goal. They're very efficient and the job is done without any hesitation and of course that is very positive. Very respectable company. "