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Made the website visible to search engines and increased traffic from 200 to 3000 visitors in a short span of three months.

Case study of Working Town

The Client

Working Town is an online job portal based in Malta. Designed to be easy to use it provides fast, efficient matches and is available globally.

The Project

Working Town is a job search portal. In order to see the available jobs one needs to perform a search. Search engines are not capable of physically doing this. For this reason all the jobs on the Working Town website were not visible to Google. This resulted in no traffic to the site.

To overcome this issue, FairTech created another version of Working Town which could be crawled by the search engines. Now when a user searches for a job on Google, Google is able to return, in its results, the available jobs from the Working Town platform. This saw the number of visitors to the site go from 200 to 3000 in a short span of three months.

Visitors were now coming from all over the world. However, Working Town only wish to target specific countries. FairTech readjusted the target audience to focus only on certain European countries in the first phase of the site’s development until the platform was ready for expansion which meant going global once again.

The Result

In the graph below you can the first peak was after the creation of another version of Working Town which allowed for the jobs on offer to be visible. This lead to an increase in traffic.
The dip after the first peak was the period where we readjusted to only target certain European countries only. This lead to a predicted drop in the number of visitors.
Then, after the site was launched to go global again, at the end of 2018, the number of visitors increased once more.

Case Study of Working Town Result Graph

Mark Azzopardi

“Business is becoming more and more about how much traffic you manage to drive to your website and that is what FairTech does and they do so effectively.”
- Mark Azzopardi, Founder of Working Town. www.workingtown.com

"I'm Mark Azzopardi, the owner of workingtown.com, a new online jobs portal which we're launching first in Malta and eventually in Europe and beyond.
The idea is to create a portal which is easy to use, cost efficient, attractive and and where prospective employers can list vacancies and attract talents via the website.


I would absolutely recommend that employers give FairTech a call especially if their business is online.
I already know that they're making an impact. Like all professionals and like everyone who is very good at their job they make it look easier than it is and even on a personal level it's is a pleasure to work with everyone at FairTech.

First of all I found FairTech to be always very responsive. They always kept us up to date what they are doing, why they're doing it. I think my favourite thing about FairTech is how much they care about the projects. They make it their own, they try to understand what you need and they really give you that personalised, customised touch.

There was a time that the website was down for technical reasons. I check the website everyday, but FairTech advised the developers before I did that the website was down. So just to show that they're always on the case, always interested, always caring about the project and they really take your interest at heart and do what is necessary and what it takes.

I can tell you that we do have more traffic towards the website. In fact when I mentioned that the website was down before, it turns out that the website was down exactly because of increased traffic and we had to adjust our bandwidth accordingly. So it was something that happened faster than we were prepared to handle, and that is simply down to FairTech's work.

Business is becoming more and more about how much traffic you manage to drive towards your website, and that is what FairTech does and they do it so effectively."