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Automation tool to promote your business

One of the hardest balancing acts to get right when owning a business is finding the time to implement your marketing plan while keeping up with the day to day, but there are marketing automation tools that can make your life easier.

Most business owners initially set out thinking that they can manage it all themselves, but after a few months of being buried under spreadsheets and data reports, they often get discouraged and abandon their marketing efforts altogether.
The good news is that it does not have to be like this. There are plenty of automation tools out there and many of them offer free options. In this blog post, we are going to look at three very effective tools for small to medium sized businesses.


Mailchimp is a very popular piece of online software that started out as a simple mailshot creator and morphed into one of the most successful pieces of digital marketing software on the market.

With mailchimp, you can create personalised newsletters and email campaigns which you can monitor in real time with inbuilt A-B testing.

This automation platform lets you collect data effortlessly which you can use to segment your audience.
The interface is simple with a drag and drop function that requires no coding whatsoever. What makes Mailchimp even more appealing is the fact that it allows you to retarget clients that have dropped out of your sales funnel.


Speaking of sales funnels, another incredibly powerful piece of software which can help your marketing campaign no end is Clickfunnels.

This automate platform’s biggest claim to fame is that you can input a few data fields, tell it what you are after, and it will help you to design beautiful tailor made landing pages to reach your goals.

Instead of sitting down to spend a day on Wordpress, or making calls to your web designer to create landing pages, you can create them yourself with minimum fuss and time. Simple log in, drag and drop and off you go. You can even carry out AB testing and integrate third party applications with one click.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the granddaddy of them all. It offers all the functionality that you could possibly want in a data gathering tool and it is all for free. The only thing that you need to do is code it into your website’s header or use automated software such as Yoast to do it for you.

Google Analytics is a phenomenal tool, but many people make the mistake of just watching the numbers.
This software can do anything from track a conversion to estimating how much a piece of content actually costs you in terms of conversions.

The secret to Google Analytics is to learn how to use it. You can find plenty of tutorials online, but Google’s very own Google Garage is the best place to go.

If you are going to use Google Analytics, then it is advisable to go all the way and also install Google Search Console. This, in turn, can be linked to Google Analytics to give you even more granular data which is presented in an easy to understand format.

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