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DIY Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is often thought of as an obscure art practiced by millennial university graduates, but with these 3 effective DIY marketing tips, you can kick start some impressive growth for your business.

Small business owners often get stressed at the thought of putting together a marketing campaign, but if you stick to the basics of marketing your business, you can achieve great results.

Set up your monitoring benchmarks

Before setting out and embarking on a full blown content marketing strategy, it is important to have the fundamentals in place to know your existing customer base so you can later turn your attention to other potential customers.
It is not enough to try and pedal your products or services through social media accounts and Facebook Ads. You need to understand and analyse the metrics.
Set up traffic, ranking competition and conversion monitoring. There are plenty of helpful services on offer out there, but they do have a fee.
However, you can do this for free by using Google’s best in class Analytics and Search Console. Local businesses and larger ones should link their website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
The process is relatively simple, and you can take industry standard short courses so you can set up filters to receive data on a regular basis.

Combine targeted actions as part of a holistic plan

Writing a blog post and publishing it might return some organic search results, but you really should focus on your target audience by combining actionable techniques to boost traffic and conversion.
Another hot tip is to ensure that you have paid enough attention to your online reputation management.

Customers will always refer to positive and recent reviews on Google, Facebook and other platforms before committing to a purchase. FairTech’s bespoke reputation management software allows you to do this by fast tracking positive reviews to be published online and flagging negative ones for review before they go live.

FairTech also provides a proven client pipeline creation process containing 12 actions that deliver concrete results when combined and applied to any business.

It might go without saying, but regular monitoring of data allows you to work out the benefits you have gained for your business.

Look at your client pipeline after three months. Has it improved? Focus on improving your work/life balance and reinject any extra capital into your business so you can scale up sustainably and grow your marketing activities to achieve a positive snowball effect.

Learn more about FairTech’s process and start creating your never ending client pipeline now. Implement the process to ensure that your business grows sustainably.

If you are doing your digital marketing yourself, I recommend that you use the PermaCustomer Formula, FairTech’s 12 pillar Customer Acquisition Process that makes your ideal clients chase you! Want to know more?
To see a video presentation of the PermaCustomer formula. Click the "Get more customers online now!" button below:

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