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Get more likes for the small business page

It’s no secret that getting more likes on Facebook has become harder as the algorithm makes it harder for us to reach our own audience, let alone new people. There are however some tactics you can still use both paid and organic:

PPC on Facebook

PPC is an important part of the online marketing puzzle, even more so if your platform of choice is Facebook. A small budget with as little as $10 dollars per day can boost your visibility significantly. Make sure that when you boost or create an ad directly in the ads manager, it has a goal that is not just ‘visibility’ meaning that your goal should be to reach people so they take a particular action not just to reach them.

For example you can create a free offer that leads to a paid offer. What you want is to attract people that will turn into customers and not just views.

Invite people to like your page

Once you’ve run a PPC ad that has reached a few thousand people you’ll find that many have interacted with your advert by liking, sharing or messaging you. When people like your post you can invite them to like your page. This is the best way to do it as you’re hitting 2 goals with 1 budget.

Post things that people like

It may seem natural to post things people like in order to get organic growth, yet many companies shy away from non-business content. Making their facebook pages boring as hell.

If you know what your audience is into, don’t just stop at the business stuff, explore content further. Most of your content should be part of your connection strategy not sales.

Add things that people like to like and share

Pick formats that people like to share like infographics or funny videos. If you can connect them to what you do, great, if you can’t just explore your audience’s interests. Take a look at similar pages on facebook but also other social media platforms and understand what is resonating with your target audience right now.

Avoid just posting promo and sales posts

If you promote all the time people will not follow you. Nobody wants to just be sold to, people follow you because they like you but then if you don’t post things they can interact with, they will stop seeing your posts. So make sure you provide added value in the form of educational information, industry news and also lighter fun stuff.

Share social media posts with multiple images

Using multiple images is a good way to give a lot of value really quickly. People who like your content will bookmark your content, resulting in the algorithm giving you many plus points.

Newsjacking and Viral-style posts

Take a look at your favourite magazine and understand how they write their titles and find a spin on what is happening in current affairs. Newsjacking, or the art of creating content relating to current affairs, is a style that begets a lot of attention and will boost your engagement and following.

Live video

Live video is one tool that ALL social media platforms favour. Going live on Facebook will give you more visibility and help you reach new people all the time. So if you want unpaid organic traffic this is the best way to go. If you find it hard (most businesses do) start off with recorded videos and move on to live later.

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