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6-month plan for small business marketing

Having a marketing plan that is geared to achieve the goals in your business plan is an important part of any small business’ planning. But marketing is more fluid these days and strategies have to be agile. This is why planning every 6 months and leaving room for adapting as you go along is key to a successful small business marketing plan nowadays.

Here are 4 steps for an effective 6-month marketing plan for your small business:

1. Reflect on the last year and quarter

The first step to a great plan is analysing the status quo and past marketing efforts. Sit down with your statistics from social, from your website and from sales as well as any other marketing you might have used and collect all the data into simple easy to read paragraphs or graphs.

Ask yourself the following questions…

Which source is generating more traffic?
Which source is generating more leads?
Which source is generating leads that buy more readily?
How can I measure more, better so I can have easy answers to the questions above?

2. Goals

Start brainstorming some goals after looking at the figures you have achieved. Your first port of call should be looking at what you achieved last year. If you feel you can achieve similar goals this year, set your goals just 10% higher to begin with.

You want to have a reachable goal to feel good about your efforts.

You also want to have a Good - Better - Best goal structure. Your ‘reachable’ goal is the good goal. Your better goal is a little higher and the best goal is the ‘wouldn’t that be great’ goal.

So for example last year you made 40K per month, then you want to set your goal to 50K per month as the ‘Good’ goal, 60K as your ‘Better’ goal and 80k as your ‘Best’ goal.

3. Strategies

Once you’ve clearly set your goals you want to figure out how you can hit them. You want to look at what is already working and how much you need to amplify that to reach your ‘Good goal’.

Then you look at other strategies you could use to amplify your results with combined strategies so that you can hit the better and best goals.

At FairTech we have created a blueprint that helps you identify the next aligned strategy to help you amplify your marketing results.

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