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Search engine optimization a.k.a SEO is a marketing method that drives organic traffic to your website. This traffic is made up of potential clients that have searched something that is related to your business and therefore they have a good chance of being purchase-ready.

SEO is especially important for small business owners and businesses running ecommerce sites. If you don’t have very large budgets to spend on hiring an SEO agency you’ll need to DIY.

Here are the 4 steps you should follow to get results when DIY-ing your SEO:

1. Get a keyword tool

It may sound obvious but we didn't want to leave this one out because sometimes people think that keywords can be picked simply by looking at Google. Many small business owners think that the keywords they should be optimising for are the ones where their competition appears first.

Very often this is wrong. Just because a competitor ranks for a keyword you think people are searching doesn’t mean a) that this keyword has traffic b) that this traffic actually turns into clients.

You want to use a keyword research tool so that you can find keywords that have traffic and are being searched by real people.

2. Survey your audience

An important part of SEO is creating content for your audience. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll need to survey your audience to understand what kind of content would work.

Ask them directly on social media, by email and directly to your clients. Then create content consistently. SEO requires weekly search engine signals to keep the bots visiting your site and indexing new pages that will bring new traffic.

If you don’t produce new content your website will stagnate and die.

3. Optimise your content for SEO

Bring your SEO keywords and content together by optimising your blog posts or videos. You want to make sure that you use your keywords in the titles, the meta tags, that you pepper your article with keywords that are evenly distributed and that your content is valuable and reads naturally even after you have used the keywords.

4. Learn about backlink and get backlink tools

As a small business you want to learn about how to feature in local maps and results for local search. Using Google My Business, to get local visibility is a great way to start with SEO and yet, it is probably the simplest thing to do.

Not sure if local SEO is your next best step?

At FairTech we have created a blueprint that helps you identify the next aligned strategy to help you amplify your marketing results.

If you are doing your digital marketing yourself, I recommend that you use the PermaCustomer Formula, FairTech’s 12 pillar Customer Acquisition Process that makes your ideal clients chase you! Want to know more?
To see a video presentation of the PermaCustomer formula. Click the "Get more customers online now!" button below:

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