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Get More Enquiries From Small Business Website

If you clicked on this title, you have a business website. Great for you, this is an important step for any business. What’s even more important though is making sure that the website doesn’t become an expensive brochure.

You want to make sure that your website generates as much business as possible. A lot of businesses sell mostly from their website today.

So how can you elevate the performance of your website to make sure it works at generating leads for your business?

1. Better photography

It may seem superfluous but the quality of your photography will make a difference. Your photography needs to match the expectations of your audience. If you’re a tech company selling digital goods, then your audience expects clear imagery and detailed descriptions to go with that.

If you sell diving equipment, perhaps your audience expects to see the equipment in use and also read some reviews.

Make sure you find a way of understanding and meeting expectations when it comes to photography on your site. Many people are visual and good photography sells.

2. Easier navigation

It may sound obvious once you see it but it’s not very common, especially with larger websites. Search engines need to find your website, but people need to be able to navigate it easily otherwise it’s no use being found.

Make sure that you keep your navigation as simple as possible. Provide alternative ways of finding the most important pages and always add important information that helps people make decisions such as shipping and return options or money back guarantees.

3. Call to actions

Pepper your site with calls to action. Always ask.
Ask for the sale
Ask them to register to your newsletter
Ask them to download your free digital pdf
Ask them to share the site with a friend
Ask them to leave a review

The more you ask the more you get - always add calls to action, your website will convert better. And if it doesn’t experiment with different calls to actions until you find those that work.

4. More traffic

It’s a no-brainer for sure, adding more traffic will turn into more conversions from your website and therefore more clients. This works out without fail. It works even better if you make sure that you’re attracting the right people to your website.

It can’t be just ANY traffic, it has to be the RIGHT traffic. SEO (search engine optimisation) comes to the rescue here, optimise your website for SEO and you will naturally get more traffic.

At FairTech we have created a blueprint that helps you identify the next aligned strategy to help you amplify your marketing results.

If you are doing your digital marketing yourself, I recommend that you use the PermaCustomer Formula, FairTech’s 12 pillar Customer Acquisition Process that makes your ideal clients chase you! Want to know more?
To see a video presentation of the PermaCustomer formula. Click the "Get more customers online now!" button below:

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