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Grow any business with your website traffic

Many businesses are preoccupied with the traffic numbers of their website. They consider website traffic the only key to growing their online business.

Traffic is key for sure, but the right traffic is more so.

Here are 4 steps to generating the right traffic using content for your business website:

1. Client struggles

Starting from your client's struggles is key. Not all content is created equal, but quality is not the only important factor. Apart from making sure that you create content that is authoritative, you need to make sure that it hits the right chords with the right audience. In order to attract the right kind of traffic you need to know what makes your ideal clients go to google and look for content.

This is going to be information around a struggle they are experiencing. So make sure you survey your audience and understand how they feel about their struggles, the ones you can resolve. This will give you many great ideas for content that attracts the right people to your website.

For example: if you sell Televisions, people might Google problems online such as how to connect a TV to the internet, how to resolve an error that keeps appearing on the screen, how to pick a TV that’s compatible with PlayStation 4 etc. All these will lead people who might be in the market for a new TV right to your website.

2. What will they Google

Once you have a list of struggles, you want to dig a little deeper and understand their intention for Googling such a term. Make sure you focus on the ones that are closer to the intent to buy.

Match your content with the right offer. Create bundles of your products to appeal to different audiences. For example: if your audience is Wiccans and you sell candles, you may want to create Beltane bundles with a red combination of the candle colours and other items used for this pagan celebration.

3. Where do they hang around for dissemination

Find out where your audience is hanging around and make sure you disseminate and share your content. Social media is going to increase your traffic and also help you kickstart your sales. It also provides Google with signals that are good for SEO, so always add social media sharing to a content strategy.

4. Measure and add uplifting strategies

Last but most important is measurement. Statistics should always be a part of your strategy. Also include how you’re going to monitor, examine and take action on the data you collect. If you don’t collect data, you cannot take action, time is better spent elsewhere.

Data is key, because as a business-owner you want to focus on improving your business in a way that improves your lifestyle, not just your income. You want to re-invest into your company so your marketing grows and your company scales up.

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