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Marketing Report Matter for Small Business

Small business owners can often get caught up in the reams of data that are produced by marketing platforms, but in reality, the numbers that matter for small business marketing reports can be summed up quite briefly.


You do not have to spend a lot of money to gather meaningful data about your traffic. You can easily hook Google Analytics and Google Search Console up to your websites to give you rich data about your website traffic.
Google offers its own training courses to help you understand how to decipher the data and use it to improve your content marketing, marketing tactics and better understand marketing channels that you should be using.


Did you know that you could set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics?
It is simple to do and this marketing tool can be configured to register anything from sales, to signups or click throughs to a specific landing page.
Marketing statistics are important, but learning what they mean and how to use them to leverage more traffic (and of course generate conversions) is crucial if you are planning to increase your business activity.

Online reputation rating

Time and time again, scientific research has shown that online customers, or even those seeking information about a bricks and mortar establishment, seek out online reviews to help make their decision.
Online users will search for positive reviews that are recent, complete and up to date. Just one negative review can dissuade a potential customer from choosing your business.

It is important to make sure that your online reputation is good and solid before embarking on any marketing strategy.
FairTech offers tailor made software solutions to smart filter all positive reviews straight onto the internet. Negative reviews are flagged and brought to your attention so you can reach out to clients and find a solution for them and turn a possible negative review into a positive one and improve your brand awareness and reputation.

The competition

Monitoring your competition is another important part of digital marketing. There are free online tools that you can use as plugins to see what traffic your competition is getting. But you should go further and look at the marketing landscape with a broader view.

Surf through their social media marketing efforts, sign up to their email marketing mailshots, run searches through Google and see where they show up on the Search Engine Results pages.

Get actionable help now

FairTech provides a Client Pipeline Creation Process that provides a blueprint for success through 12 actionable tips that you can combine to achieve fantastic results for your business.

If you are doing your digital marketing yourself, I recommend that you use the PermaCustomer Formula, FairTech’s 12 pillar Customer Acquisition Process that makes your ideal clients chase you! Want to know more?
To see a video presentation of the PermaCustomer formula. Click the "Get more customers online now!" button below:

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