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Social Media Strategies for Business Owners

Social media is a must for any business these days and yet so many struggle to find the right strategy that works for their business and integrates with their other marketing efforts.

Here are 5 tips that will help you pick the right social media marketing strategies for business:

Be in less places and do more

Pick one platform and maintain it well. Find the main platform that your clients are using. Remember your clients will judge you on your social media presence, so don’t try to be everywhere if you have limited resources. Pick one main platform and be present there. Do it really well..

Speak about what you do

It may seem natural but marketers tend to go one of two ways these days, too many promos or not enough.

Remember that social media signals will also help your website rank better so make sure that you mention the categories of your services or products in your social media posts (your main keywords). Promote the products/services you provide in your social media, link back to your pages and make sure the keywords are consistent with the SEO on your website

For example: If you have a blog post about sports shoes, link the post to the page with the sport shoes category, not the homepage of your website.

Share your blog links on social media

In those posts add links to the corresponding (same topic) page on the website.
Do your keyword research and then create articles about topics related to what you sell for example: an article about the “best shoes for trekking” can then become a social media post which links back to your product page.

Use keyword research to create your social media title

The titles of your pages, posts etc should all be based on keyword research. Don’t just use pre-made prompts for your social media. Create quality content that is keyword relevant to the pages you’re promoting. This creates good quality inbound linking because it links back with the keyword to the right page on your website.

Social media is a very important part of your marketing but it is even more effective when combined with other forms of online marketing.

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