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Tips to reach targeted audience online

Many marketers keep their success secrets close to their chests. A lot of the strategies they use can be easily replicated on a smaller scale to help DIY marketers and small businesses succeed at marketing.

Let’s let you in on some tricks of the trade to help you reach more of your target audience...

Talk to your target audience

The biggest and most obvious tip is to talk directly to your market. Forget surveys and market research. Find people in your audience and book a face to face call with them. Invite your best clients for a coffee and understand why they picked you. Talk to them about their struggles and how you can help them.

Add Retargeting to your PPC

When spending on social media or Google ads, keep around 10% of your budget for retargeting. It allows you to reach more people, people who have already engaged with your content and warm them up further. It also costs less to reach more people so it’s a no-brainer.

Provide freebies that your target audience will download and then retarget them using ads.

Investigate your ideal clients

Go for deep profiling, find out what they really do and where they hangout outside your industry. For example: expensive trainer wearers like rap or play golf. So you can use this information to find them and target them online.

Go personal. Look at where they hang out, who they follow, their qualifications, how old they are, are they parents?, what do they read? etc.

Reverse-engineer the customer journey

Work out the path that the client who bought took to find you, engage with your content and then decided to purchase. Find out the keyword they use by setting goals in google analytics. Track every purchase and booking page so that you know how they came to you.

Google analytics is the golden standard for measuring this type of journey, it’s also free. Knowing where your customers come from is key to scaling your business, so don’t skimp on the details.

Reporting and monitoring are a very important part of your overall marketing. At FairTech we have created the Client Pipeline Process (PCC) which helps marketers and business owners understand what the next leveraged action should be for their business to get them to the next step faster.

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If you are doing your digital marketing yourself, I recommend that you use the PermaCustomer Formula, FairTech’s 12 pillar Customer Acquisition Process that makes your ideal clients chase you! Want to know more?
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