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Is international competition eating into your market? The world is getting smaller and competition tougher, so unless you use Local Search Engine Optimization, you could be losing a lot of leads to your competitors.

By being easily visible for customers in your vicinity, you can boost your leads and close sales more quickly.

Our local Search Engine Optimisation services help you become highly visible in search engines in your area in just a few months. This is the ideal place to start if you have strong competitors online.

If you don’t have strong international competitors but walk-in traffic, website leads and calls, could really improve your business’ revenue, then local SEO should be one of the first tools in your SEO arsenal.

Many small businesses overlook the power of local SEO to their disadvantage.

Have you ever noticed a competitor that ranks in every search you put in Google for your industry? They’re getting their local SEO right.


At Fairtech we have created a team of 17 SEO superheroes all boasting many years’ experience to help you excel at search engine visibility. Local SEO is a highly personalised service where we work with you to uncover those elements of SEO that will leverage the biggest successes for your business in the short and long term. Local SEO requires some set-up time and then monthly efforts to retain your position, especially if you want to increase the number of keywords you rank for.

So call us for a free consultation to understand how we can create a local SEO Strategy for you.

Here’s what you get with the Local SEO option:

  • A Customised Strategy that work for you
  • Competitor Analysis and Strategy
  • SEO