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Patrik Muehlematter

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
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Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO is probably the most underestimated of all SEO strategies. It is both quick to yield results and implement. Don’t get fooled by the name “local SEO” If you are active on the international or national market, local SEO will strengthen your global SEO. It is the place to start for any SEO campaign.

When you sell locally what you need is more walk-in traffic (in your shop and on your website). To achieve this you want to attract people who are looking for what you sell in your area. Local SEO should be your first step.

However, you can attract as much traffic as you like, but if it’s not the right traffic it will not turn into cash flow.

At FairTech, we help you figure out who you need to attract and the best way to attract them and turn them into customers. Although the results are quick, it’s important that we focus on getting you the right traffic right away (from day one) so that we move the needle when it comes to sales and income.

We work with you to collect all the information and content we require to give you local visibility. But the secret is to make sure you become visible for what you’re best at. Not just any keywords, the right keywords. We don’t want a busy website or a busy receptionist. We work with you to create real ROI.

Working with Fairtech will help you identify those leverage points that will get you the results you want. You also don’t need to wait for months and years to get visibility because your ‘fishing pool’ is smaller and well-defined.

Watch our Free Google My Business Video Mini-Course to find out what you can easily do yourself to improve your local SEO in just a few moves.
In this course you will also get access to a huge discount on our Full Local SEO Course.

here’s what you get with the local SEO package

We understand that every company is unique, so you will get a fully customized strategy for your company. We will make sure that all the local SEO tools at our disposal are utilised to their full potential to achieve the sales you desire.

You can relax, knowing that you now have the right partner that can bring you more of your ideal clients through the front door.
If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for local SEO, here’s what you need to think about…

  • You know your ideal clients because you already have some
  • You’re 100% committed to providing imagery, information and content that helps us optimise your online presence
  • You commit to handle the new clients coming in regularly and you are ready to do any changes necessary in your sales process

When you set a free consultation meeting with FairTech, in this meeting:

  • both sides will see if we are a good fit for each other
  • we will listen to your business needs and goals
  • we discuss your SEO options
  • we propose a strategy that will let help reach your goals in the shortest time possible
  • we come to a budget which you need to invest initially in order to make sure you see fast ROI
  • we discuss our never ending client growth formula and how it can help you gain new clients day after day fully automatically
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