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Patrik Muehlematter

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Strategic Business Goals of Local SEO

Local SEO is different from regular SEO for two main reasons. It works faster and it targets only local consumers. So what can you do leverage this fast SEO strategy for your business? But more importantly what goals can you actually achieve, and is it a good fit for you?

1. Local SEO gives you walk-in traffic

Local SEO gives you walk-in traffic by focusing on your visibility in search engines with regards to local traffic. For example, being visible on Google for Business and Google Maps is an obvious step that will tell Google where you are. Once you work on your on-site SEO to rank it, Google will serve you to people in your area and the result is immediate walk-in traffic. This comes from appearing in search engine results for people who are in the vicinity of your business, shop or office.

2. Search Engine Visibility

As we touched on in the previous point, you will also rank in search engines more easily. As you are now officially registered and your address has been confirmed by Google, your credibility has now improved. This will also influence your ranking for general SEO. Local SEO is a good foundation for your national and international SEO. Often we hear “I don’t need local SEO I want to export only.“

But in order to get a good position on the national and international results in search engines, you need good Local Optimisation first. This becomes an asset - you will need to do more than that but it’s the best place to start.

3. Immediate Sales

Local SEO can help you collect what we call ‘low hanging fruit’ in your business. There are probably people in your area who already trust you but do not buy from you because they don’t know what you sell. This is usually made up of friends, family and the wider circle of contacts. So imagine you were suddenly really visible for the queries of what you sell in your area. People would be able to connect you to what you sell and buying from you would be a fast decision, because these people already know you.

So working on becoming visible in your area should always be the first thing you do. It will help you get low-hanging business from people who already know you and it will also help you rank better later when you set your goals to rank in other countries and internationally.

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