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Improve Local Search Visibility using Google My Business Page

You’ve probably noticed that when you search some businesses or products, with the search results you get featured businesses. These are very rich results often including pictures, maps, reviews and link to the website of the features person or business. They are a sign that the company is working on local SEO marketing.

You can also get maps at the top of these results, sometimes because Google picks those companies that are nearest to you and lists them first with a nice map.

This is Google My Business.

A free tool that Google offers businesses so they can manage their presence on Google.
Google will need to specifically verify you as a local business by sending you a pin in the post to confirm your physical address. Once this is done your account will be up and running and will become an integral part of your Local SEO marketing strategies.

Adding a Google my business account is especially important for your local search result presence. And therefore also your local SEO. It’s easy to create an account and fill your details, and yet, it will give you a great advantage, especially if your competitors are not local, or do not have a Google my business account.

Google my business will take information that you have entered in your free account and display it in relevant search results. This information can be...

  1. Your opening days and hours
  2. Your postal/physical address
  3. Your phone numbers
  4. Your business category (as you picked it in your Google My Business Settings)
  5. Your website address provided as a clickable link


Make your listing even more attractive add some photos of your business premises or products. If you operate online, some pictures including your logo and describing what you do can be very useful. This will boost your local SEO marketing by improving the click-through rate on your search appearances.

Customer Reviews

You should also make sure that you track and respond to customer reviews. Negative reviews will impact how many people click on your results so try to keep them as positive as possible and also respond to negative ones with a positive attitude.

Once your presence is complete, make sure that you track your Company profile results using the insights provided by Google and use this knowledge to expand with Google Ads.

Google My Business is an integral part of Local SEO. If you want to learn how to do this on your own click here to watch our Free Google My Business Video Mini-Course and find out what you can easily do yourself to improve your local SEO in just a few moves.
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