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Rank Internationally using Local SEO Solutions

Local SEO solutions can have an impact on your international search engine visibility. Often the two are perceived as being very distinct topics. Of course, they are different but they also have some commonalities.

When you know these similarities, you can get an immediate boost in ranking internationally. Local makes a great first step to a strong international presence.

Local SEO solutions to build your online reputation

Building your reputation can have a very good effect on how your website ranks both locally and internationally. This is where Local SEO will help you boost both local ranking and international search engine visibility. Optimizing your local SEO helps you tell Google (and other search engines) where you are, and what you’re about. It’s a great opportunity to position yourself for local search whilst beginning to grow your domain reputation. Making sure that your “Google My Business Account” is well completed and up-to-date is the place to start. See our free google my business course here

Make sure your business is verified

A local strategy that will help you get higher international visibility is verifying the physical address of your company with search engines by getting listed in the directories using the free services provided by Google, Yahoo or any other search engines that are popular with your audience. These services will verify you by sending snail mail to your address.

This will in turn give your real estate on their map and give users the assurance that you’re a real and business. An entity which is legally registered. This information, although of local relevance, will help you rank better in international search. It is one of the first steps to build your online reputation and website’s page rank.

So if you’re just starting your SEO journey. Go local first. It will give you a good solid base to build results faster in the short term and boost your business right away.

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