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Patrik Muehlematter

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Importance of Local SEO for your Business Growth

According to Google’s Local Search Statistics 2019. 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information. So there remains no question that affordable Local SEO Service is your best bet to grow your business exponentially without spending a fortune on marketing.

Here are 5 reasons why you need it sooner rather than later:

1. Local SEO will contribute to your overall SEO so you can start local and then go international or expand to other countries. Your spend and efforts will be compounding not isolated.

Local SEO is proven to receive the highest Return On Investment of all marketing efforts by SEL.


As you can see from the image above - courtesy of BrightLocal - local search is the top performer when it comes to payback in return for the marketing effort. It has the highest conversion rate of all advertising channels.

3. Local search optimisation helps you feature in real-time searches in your location on mobile. If someone is looking for you or your services online whilst in your area, bam, you landed a client.

4. Local SEO makes sure you get found in Google and people can navigate to your shop easily. It also helps people know what to expect by taking a peek at your shop and also find your opening hours online.

5. Intention
According to ThinkWithGoogle 50% of all the people that do a local search went to the physical store within one day.
Furthermore, the same research shows that 18% of those who visited the store made a purchase within 1 day.

The biggest strength of Google local search is that the people searching are:

a) in the vicinity of your shop
b) actively looking for a product
c) likely to be ready to buy before they even visit your store

Many businesses have realised that Google has replaced the yellow pages and the telephone directory. If your business benefited from being in the phonebook in the past, then local SEO search optimisation is going to work wonders for your business. With local ranking on Google, you will get more people visiting your website and your shop with the intention to buy from you.

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