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Tips to reach more right people online

Finding out where the right people for your business hang out is crucial to your success. This holds true for a bricks and mortar establishment such as a café as well as an online business. So how do you do it?

Profile prospective customers

Have you ever heard of customer personas? Let’s say you run a café. Who are your clients? What is their age, gender and demographic? What are their pain points? How can you help them? Are they vegetarian? Do they like coffee but don’t want caffeine? Do they want to sit in or grab a quick takeaway? These are all questions you need to answer. Create customer personas, go through the exercise of asking all these questions and providing real solutions. Offer them something that they actually want and need.

Find out where they hang out online

Social media platforms are exceptionally good at this. Look at the traditional social media platforms. Run searches for coffee, latte, cappuccino. Run mock campaigns on social media and draw in the right demographic with the right interests to you. Think outside the box. Look at platforms such as Reddit and Quora. Be active and use hashtags on your posts and monitor engagement. The results will deliver.

Organic media and PPC

Search engines want to make money and to do so, they make you spend money by bidding on keywords for Pay Per Click Advertising. In the past, the silo mentality prevailed, but now, the concept of integrating organic and PPC is gaining traction.

What does this mean?

Search engines try their hardest to mask organic intent so they can get you to spend money. Run a paid campaign and gauge the results. If it is successful, take those paid keywords and integrate them in your organic campaigns. If it works for one, it will more than likely work for the other.

Monitor what works and scale it

The old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Experiment, play around. Try different things. But the most important thing is to monitor the data and use it to your advantage. Check your analytics regularly. If something is working better than other approaches, harness it. Invest more time, money and resources into it. If one action gives a better return, scale it up and you will soon see big wins.

But knowing where to start is hard. At FairTech we’ve created a blueprint that helps you identify your fastest way to cash through the right online marketing efforts to feed your business. The goal is to reach into more consistent cash flow so you can scale your business.

We introduce learners to our 12 pillars that we use to make our clients successful. It helps you identify where you are and start working on the next best step for your business, those strategies that will give you the fastest way to cash.

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