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Automate your sales and Marketing

It’s the 21st century

The level of automation in every industry is quickly increasing. In spite of the importance of face to face human interactions for sales, everything that precedes the sale can to some extent be automated.

Most of the stages in this typical funnel can be automated. The goal still needs to be to warm up your audience, get to know them better while they get to know you, however today the whole process can be automated.

A regular sales and marketing funnel looks something like this...

Marketing Sales Funnel

Source: business2community.com

Human nature hasn’t changed. All the stages and touchpoints still need to be present in an automated online marketing environment. You can also pick which parts you want to automate and which you want to inject with more human touch. It all depends on your industry, product or service. The good news is that our blueprint has been proven across a myriad of industries and has achieved the intended results every time.

When coupled with a strong online marketing strategy, an automated funnel will bring leads and cash into your business, it will give your business a consistent predictable cash flow.

In order to automate your cash flow generation systems, you need to look at your website. It is the heart of your online marketing. If it's not generating business, a lot needs to change.

In some cases using third party tools can be enough to equip an existing website with the tools you need to implement our roadmap. In other cases, it may be harder. This is something you need to discuss with your webmaster. Following our Online Marketing Mastery Blueprint will help you implement cash flow generating features on your website.

You will understand which parts of your website and online presence need improving first. We focus only on the changes that move the needle and generate real income.

FairTech created the OMMF (Online Marketing Mastery Formula) through working on hundreds of projects over the past 20 years. It helps you easily understand where you are in the roadmap and what is the next best step for you. The next best step for every pillar of the framework will help you make those all-important decisions that make a significant difference to your business.

The Online Marketing Mastery Formula acts as your master plan, which incorporates all the pillars of your cash flow generation roadmap to online selling success. The formula also acts as a guide to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses, and map out the next best cash-focused steps.

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