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Building traffic to your website will lead to business growth, but it is how you manage that traffic and what you offer the visitor that really makes the difference.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising pieces of content to answer queries by users effectively, pushing your website rankings up in the process.

The higher your website features on the search engine results pages, the more people are going to click on the link and enter your site (click through ratio).

SEO is a multifaceted discipline. It includes technical, on page and off page elements. While this may seem confusing, it is relatively straight forward. You need to correlate a keyword or phrase that relates to your offering and return a good piece of content that is useful to the user.

This can be done with lists, step by step guides, videos, knowledge base, infographics and much more.

It can be used on product and service pages as well as blog posts.

Search Engine Marketing, on the other hand, involves enticing users to visit your website through targeted text ads, display ads and other methods. Both are important in generating traffic and a happy balance should be found between the two methods.

However, it is important to bear in mind that SEO is a long-haul project that builds on authority and trust over months and years, while Pay-Per-Click advertising is very short term.

Either way, once a person clicks into your website, they fall into a sales funnel. It is important to identify where people enter the sales funnel.

If they search for ‘screwdriver’ you want to make sure that you offer them links and three click depth navigation to get to all the screwdrivers you stock.

But if they search for ‘Philips screwdriver size three stainless steel’ they will enter your sales funnel much further down, signalling a high level of intent.

It is up to you to craft the content that will keep potential clients from dropping out of the sales funnel and actually making them convert.

When everything is in the right place, giving the user a good broad experience so they can see everything you have to offer, you will automatically get a lot more traffic and satisfied clients.
At FairTech we’ve created a blueprint that helps you identify your fastest way to cash through the right online marketing efforts to feed your business. The goal is to reach into more consistent cash flow so you can scale your business.

We introduce learners to our 12 pillars which we’ve used in our business for many years to make our clients successful.

It helps you identify where you are and start working on the next best step for your business, those strategies that will give you the fastest way to cash.

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