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How to create a lead generation engine for business

Lead generation is the one most important thing in any business.
It doesn’t matter whether you sell shoes, imports or services - your leads are the lifeline of your business, they provide the confidence of a constant cash-flow. How you treat your leads and customers will impact your profitability and growth, but without leads survival is impossible.

This is why you need to have a lead generation engine for your business. The expression speaks for itself. You need an engine. A system that runs cog after cog, day after day. A system that is scalable and automated whenever possible so it runs like an engine. Every day you’re open for business, and why not even when your business is closed.

Thanks to the internet this is possible. Anyone can turn their website into a lead generation engine that brings leads into their business, the trick is to find what is going to work for your business. It’s not one size fits all. But finding out what works for you is not so complicated.

Transform your website

The first step is to transform your website into a lead generation engine. You can do this without changing your website. Just add tools that create funnels, and allow you to offer a digital product in exchange for an email address or other contact information. This information is the ‘lead’ which is then passed on to your sales team.

Email your database

Once you start collecting leads it's important to email them. Send emails that help them get to know your business and how you can help them. Use an automated emailing system that sends the emails automatically. This cog of your engine runs itself.

SEO, SEM and Content

Once you have a system to collect leads you want to create your weekly actions that drive traffic to your lead generation engine. This might include some or all of the following:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. The process of optimising your website to help rank on the first page of Google. Ranking for your industry will help people find your website and visit your site, so you can turn them into a lead or a customer.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing is the process of using search engine advertising features to drive paid traffic to your website. This is expensive but works very quickly.

Content: New content on your website is very important for both your social media and your SEO. A static website means a static company, people should want to come to your site to learn about the things you sell through valuable content. Search engines will also have a reason to visit your site and the more pages you rank in google the more people will visit your page.

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